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Travels with Moses

Created by albinerhawk

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Torah/Pentateuch Mixture
Travels with Moses game quiz
"The people of Israel traveled with Moses led by God through the wilderness for forty years and four books of the Old Testament (Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy). Quotes taken from the English Standard Version."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The journey to the Promised Land began in Egypt where the Israelite people had been enslaved for many years. At first, the Israelites were allowed to go, since the leaders were forced to by God's plagues against them, but then the Egyptian army pursued them. In Exodus 14, what body of water did God create a pathway through for the people to travel safely across?
    The Mediterranean Sea
    The Red Sea
    The Sea of Galilee
    The Dead Sea

2. While Moses was the human leader, God led the people through the wilderness. During the day he appeared like a cloud, and at night he looked like a pillar of fire. Which of the following was one of his regular provisions for the people?

3. In Exodus 19, the Israelites traveled to Mount Sinai, and the Lord descended onto the mountain. Moses went up the mountain to consult with the Lord. How were the Israelites keeping themselves busy in the meanwhile in chapter 32?
    They prayed and fasted.
    They began worshipping an idol.
    They recorded their journey thus far onto scrolls.
    They sent out scouts to check out the roads ahead.

4. In Exodus 34, how did the book describe Moses' altered appearance after talking with God?
    His clothes had turned black.
    The skin of his face was shining.
    Horns came out of his head.
    His hair turned white.

5. The Lord set the tribe of Levi apart from the rest of the Israelite tribes to be priests. Aaron, Moses' brother, was the first high priest. In Leviticus 10, why did the Lord put Aaron's sons to death?
    They offered unauthorized fire before the Lord.
    They abused their position by exorting money from the people.
    They persuaded people to return to Egypt.
    They refused to become priests.

6. In Numbers 13, Moses sent spies by the Lord's command into Canaan, the Promised Land. Which of the following spies encouraged the people that the Lord would give them the land and not to be afraid in the following chapter?

7. In Numbers 20, the people did their usual grumbling when they had no water. Moses and Aaron gathered the people before a rock. What did Moses do to the rock?
    Struck it with his staff
    Pushed it to the left
    Spoke to it
    Kicked it

8. In Numbers 21, it was recorded that the people again rebelled against God and Moses, saying it was better to stay in Egypt. What punishment did the Lord send to the people?
    Fiery serpents
    The angel of death

9. As the Israelites were successful in military campaigns, many of the other countries became concerned about them. Which prophet did Balak of Moab hire to curse Israel in Numbers 22?

10. What was the last thing that Lord did for Moses before his death as recorded in Deuteronomy 34?
    Gave him a vision of King David
    Took him away in a fiery chariot
    Led him up Mount Sinai
    Showed him the land of Canaan

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