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Yours Truly, Meow

Created by Rowena8482

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Yours Truly Meow game quiz
"The residents of the Bastet Home for Retired and Indigent Gentlecats are eagerly awaiting letters from their feline friends and relatives out in Bookland. Can you work out who is writing to them?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Petronius the Arbiter and Dr-Livingston-I-Presume are having a nice cup of tea and a fish stick, and discussing the latest postcard from their little friend, created by the same author as them.
"I don't know" said Pete, "We never walked through walls in my day! And all he ever says is Blert! I had a proper time machine for my travels - one way anyway..."
"We took the whole house with us" replied Doc, "Much more the way to travel"
How would the postcard be signed?
    Yours Truly, Captain Blood
    Yours Truly, Pixel
    Yours Truly, Random Numbers
    Yours Truly, Princess Polly Ponderosa Penelope Peachfuzz

2. The Cheshire Cat, and his imaginary friend the Unitary Authority of Warrington Cat, were at the gate, eagerly awaiting the postcat bringing their weekly missive and cake parcel from Alice's cat.
How would it be signed?
    Yours Truly, Dinah
    Yours Truly, Deborah
    Yours Truly, Daisy
    Yours Truly, Doris

3. The Count d'Gribeau adjusted his eyepatch and idly scratched his scarred face as he tried to make out the rather shaky and badly spelled message on the gift tag of the parcel which just arrived for him.
"Happy Birfday Greebo you big softy. Have sent sum bananananananas and a fruit drink made of apples, well mostly apples."
How would this card be signed?
    Yours Truly, Magrat
    Yours Truly, Mistress Esmerelda Weatherwax
    Yours Truly, Ridcully
    Yours Truly, Nanny

4. Sitting out in the garden in deckchairs, an elderly lion and his "Honest Keeper" tucked in to "tea and cakes and jam, and slices of delicious ham. And chocolate with pink inside".
"You really should apologise you know old chap" said the Honest Keeper.
"After all this time? I *had* to do it, it was how I was written" said the lion.
"Small boys always gave me indigestion", he added, applying a toothpick to his upper right fang.
"I got a nice card for his mother", said the Honest Keeper, "just sign it here and I'll send it off to her".
How would this card be signed?
    Yours Truly, Wallace
    Yours Truly, Clarence
    Yours Truly, Elsa
    Yours Truly, Ponto

5. Blackmalkin, Greymalkin, and Nibbins were discussing Shakespeare when the postcat arrived. Their long awaited tickets to a performance of the play featuring the 'original' Shakespearean Gray-Malkin had arrived, sent by the title character in person.
How would the covering letter be signed?
    Yours Truly, Macbeth
    Yours Truly, King Lear
    Yours Truly, Othello
    Yours Truly, Hamlet

6. Two small cats were playing happily with a ball of yarn on the lawn.
"You trod on my paw again!" said one.
"That's because I can't see you," said the other, "you're made of glass!"
"Better glass than pink!" came the rather snippy reply.
The last time these two got a letter it was from the main canine character from their series of books, and postmarked in the United States. How would it be signed?
    Yours Truly, Buck
    Yours Truly, Toto
    Yours Truly, White Fang
    Yours Truly, Beethoven

7. On the hall table there is a letter addressed to General Stirling Price, with "forwarded by Mattie" written in one corner. The return address shows it appears to have been sent by a bird! (and a certain lingering aroma leads us to believe it may well have been an inebriated bird!)
Can this be? A cat and a bird getting on well together? Perhaps the bird used to exhort the cat to "drink your milk"...
If we could see the salutation on this letter, what would it say?
    Yours Truly, Black Crow
    Yours Truly, Rooster
    Yours Truly, Thunderbird
    Yours Truly, Jenny Wren

8. A sudden drop in temperature causes all the residents to shiver slightly. Nobody likes to admit that the Bastet Home for Retired and Indigent Gentlecats may be haunted by a ghostly feline, prowling the rooms searching for a long gone fishbowl...
Having called "Ghostbusters", the residents receive a card from the author who wrote about Selima, begging them to reconsider, as she was a gentle tabby who was much loved in her lifetime, and only passed away due to the tragic "incident with the goldfish bowl".
How would this letter from Selima's author be signed?
    Yours Truly, Alfred Tennyson
    Yours Truly, Thomas Gray
    Yours Truly, Lord Byron
    Yours Truly, William Cowper

9. Although not usually known for their consideration of others, some cats are diligent in replying promptly to their mail. Three psychic cats who feature alongside Charlie Bone in his series of books by Jenny Nimmo make a point of answering all Charlie's letters by return of post. Which of these signatures would NOT be on one of their letters to Charlie?
    Yours Truly, Gemini
    Yours Truly, Sagittarius
    Yours Truly, Aries
    Yours Truly, Leo

10. Abelard cat stretched out in a hammock in the shade, and once again considered his good fortune in being written into his author's first novel, several years before she wrote about all those dogs! Imagine it, the only cat among 101 dogs...
He wondered where his human was, probably sitting with her feet in the kitchen sink again... then yawned and fell asleep.
If only Abelard had spotted the note under his pillow, telling him his human had gone to watch her sister being married, how would it have been signed?
    Yours Truly, Cassandra Mortmain
    Yours Truly, Laura Ingalls
    Yours Truly, Anne Shirley
    Yours Truly, Emily Starr

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