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Turkey - A Country on Two Continents

Created by WesleyCrusher

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Turkey  A Country on Two Continents game quiz
"Since there are very few quizzes on this interesting nation on the border between Europe and Asia, I have taken it upon myself to give the 195-day bus a new place to stop. Enjoy these questions!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Let's begin with a question of distribution. Most players will know that a part of Turkey is situated in Europe while another part is in Asia. The Asian part, also known as Anatolia, is the larger one, but how much larger than the European part is it?
    Less than twice as large
    About ten times as large
    Over thirty times as large
    About three times as large

2. It is not only the country that is split between Europe and Asia, but its largest city as well. What is the name of this bi-continental city?

3. Before we leave the Bosporus, we need a means to cross it. By what way are the European and the Asian side of the Bosporus linked?
    Two highway bridges and a rail tunnel
    A combined road/rail tunnel
    A railroad bridge and a road tunnel
    A fleet of over two hundred large car ferries

4. With its unique place on two continents, Turkey also has allegiances to both sides. When it comes to sports, where does Turkey place itself?
    It almost exclusively takes part in Asian competitions
    Team sports mostly joined the European leagues, but for individual sports, it takes part in Asian championships
    Its football (soccer) teams play in Europe, all others play in Asia
    It almost exclusively takes part in European competitions

5. Turkey has no state religion and, in fact, the state has banned most open religious displays in public buildings and by state officials. However, over 80% of all Turks are of one religion - which one?
    Roman Catholic Christianity
    Shi'a Islam
    Sunni Islam
    East Orthodox Christianity

6. Turkey is administratively divided into 81 provinces, similar to the Départements of France. Two provincial capitals differ only by one letter in their name. Which is the true, existing pair?
    Istanbul and Istansul
    Antalya and Antakya
    Edirne and Edirte
    Bursa and Burda

7. Mount Ararat, the legendary final resting place of Noah's Ark, is located near the eastern border of Turkey. The extreme extent of its eastern flank actually overlaps into Iran. What type of mountain is it?
    An alpine fold mountain
    An active cinder cone volcano
    A dormant stratovolcano
    An extinct shield volcano

8. The Turkish province of Antalya is the main tourist destination in the country, accounting for over 30 percent of the total annual hotel nights. What best describes its location?
    Just north of Istanbul, on both sides of the Bosporus
    In northern Thrace, facing the Black Sea
    On the central south coast, facing the Mediterranean Sea
    In eastern Anatolia, including Lake Van and Mt. Ararat

9. The southeast coast of the Dardanelles strait - the other half of the waterway connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea - is occupied by Canakkale province. On its soil lies one of the world's most important archaeological sites. Which one is it?
    The Lascaux caves

10. Finally, let me ask a question about the national symbols of Turkey. Its flag is quite well-known, showing a white moon and star on red, but what is the design on its presidential seal?
    Top half red, bottom half blue and a central gold circle
    It is like the flag, but with inverted colors (red on white)
    Twelve yellow stars in a circle on blue
    A yellow sun and 16 yellow stars on red

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