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Inventors in the Kitchen

Created by jcpetersen

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Inventors in the Kitchen game quiz
"The modern kitchen would be a very different place if not for these inventors and their inventions."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. You've probably never heard the expression, "the greatest inventor since Otto Rohwedder," but you should have, since he was behind the invention of what convenient food item?
    canned food
    seedless watermelon
    sliced bread
    squeezable ketchup bottle

2. Charles Strite didn't like the burnt toast served at the employee cafeteria, so he did something about it. What did he invent?
    pop-up toaster
    waffle iron
    kitchen timer
    whistling tea kettle

3. Milk shakes wouldn't be possible without a device Stephen Poplawski invented in 1922. What is this invention?
    whipped cream in a pressurized can
    electric blender
    milk pasteurizer

4. In 1858, Ezra Warner patented a device with a large curved blade and a bent shaft. What was it used for?

    slicing bread
    peeling bananas
    cutting grapefruit
    opening cans

5. Some inventions happen by accident, which is what happened to Percy Spencer when he found a candy bar melted in his pocket. What invention did this lead to?
    candy coated chocolates
    microwave oven
    easy bake oven
    insulated lunch box

6. Watching a cook mix dough was the inspiration behind Herbert Johnson inventing what device in 1908?
    rolling pin
    standing mixer
    electric blender
    waffle iron

7. Professor Doctor Carl van Linde was one cool character. He was the first to patent and produce a practical what?
    microwave oven
    electric blender
    mechanical dishwasher

8. Josephine Cochran was a frustrated socialite. She loved hosting dinner parties, but not cleaning up after them - so what did she invent?
    paper plates
    vacuum cleaner
    rubber gloves
    mechanical dishwasher

9. A DuPont chemist named Earl Tupper turned inflexible polyethylene slag leftovers into something that could be used to store kitchen leftovers. He received a 1945 patent for what invention?
    the "doggie bag"
    aluminum foil
    zip-lok bags

10. It's not essential in making ice cream sundaes, but it sure helps. What did Alfred Cralle invent in 1897?
    ice cream scoop
    ice cream cone
    whipped cream in a pressurized can
    waffle maker

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Compiled Jun 28 12