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Ireland: The Emerald Isle

Created by dsimpy

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Ireland The Emerald Isle game quiz
"This quiz covers some geography and a bit of history about the island of Ireland, North and South, and finishes with a measure of Irish whiskey - just one for the road!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In the 1841 census the population of Ireland was 8,175,124. After a dramatic natural event occurred, what was the population in the next census in 1851?

2. What is the name of the Stone Age site on the North Mayo coast which contains one of the oldest field systems discovered in the world?
    O' Stonehenge
    Hill of Tara
    Céide Fields

3. What is the biggest lake (lough) in Ireland by surface area?
    Lough Derg
    Lough Neagh
    Lough Corrib
    Lower Lough Erne

4. What year marked the beginning of the English conquest of Ireland?

5. The Shannon is Ireland's longest river, but which is the second longest river, beginning in the Slieve Bloom Mountains in County Laois and discharging into the Celtic Sea at Waterford?
    River Suir
    River Barrow
    River Nore
    River Bann

6. What is the highest mountain in Ireland?
    Slieve Donard

7. Name the group of islands in Galway Bay on the west coast of Ireland.
    Clew Bay Islands
    The Skellig Islands
    The Aran Islands
    The Blasket Islands

8. The Government of Ireland Act effectively partitioned Ireland into Northern and Southern states. On what date was the state of Northern Ireland established?
    6th December 1921
    3rd May 1921
    23rd December 1920
    6th December 1922

9. An illuminated manuscript of the New Testament gospels, written around 800AD and housed in Trinity College Dublin, is regarded as the finest example of its kind in the world and as an Irish national treasure. What is the name of this manuscript?
    Book of Durrow
    The Echternach Gospels
    Book of Armagh
    Book of Kells

10. Until the end of the 19th century, Ireland produced around 90% of the world's whiskey. Which Irish distillery lays claim to having the world's oldest licence to distill this 'water of life'?
    Old Bushmills Distillery, Antrim
    Kilbeggan Distillery, Westmeath
    Midleton Distillery, Cork
    Cooley Distillery, Louth

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