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Akhnaton game quiz
"Establishing a new religion (or religious group within an established religion) is no easy matter. Some of these religious revisionists were more successful than others."

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1. Akhnaton (also spelled Akhenaten) was a pharaoh of the 18th dynasty who attempted to replace traditional Egyptian polytheism with the worship of a single figure. What was the name of this deity associated with the disc of the sun?

2. Joseph Smith, Jr. was the founder of the Latter Day Saint movement (often referred to as Mormons). He said that the angel Moroni gave him a book of golden plates containing an historical record of God's interactions with ancient Americans from about 2500 BCE until about 400 CE. Smith translated the text from its original unknown language which resembled Egyptian hieroglyphics into English and published it in 1830. By what name is this book usually known?
    The Tanakh
    The Avesta
    The Book of Mormon
    The Koran

3. In 1833, William Miller predicted that Jesus Christ would return to Earth on October 22, 1844. When this did not happen, most of his followers returned to their original churches, but some groups of Millerites believed his mistake lay in his interpretation of the date, and that the Second Advent would occur after the period of judging humanity, which commenced on that date, had been completed. What is the name of the best-known of these Millerite groups?
    Seventh-day Adventists

4. In 1848, John Humphrey Noyes established a religious community in Oneida, New York, which believed that Jesus Christ had already returned in 70 CE, meaning they could establish the millennial kingdom on earth, without needing to anticipate any heavenly existence. What two assassins of American presidents spent time in this community?
    Charles Guiteau and Leon Czolgosz
    Lee Harvey Oswald and Lynette Fromme
    John Wilkes Booth and John Flamming Schrank
    John Hinckley, Jr. and Richard Lawrence

5. New York City in 1875 saw the establishment of a group whose initial purpose was the investigation and explanation of mediumistic phenomena. This group, founded by Helena Blavatsky and several others, later expanded its objectives to include universal brotherhood and the study of comparative religion, philosophy and science. What was the name of the search for truth espoused by this group?

6. Lengthy childhood illnesses and the experience of unexpectedly recovering from a major spinal injury after careful Biblical study led this woman to the belief system which she called Christian Science. Who established the Church of Christ, Scientist in 1879?
    Aimee Semple McPherson
    Fatima Zahra
    Mary Baker Eddy
    Ann Lee

7. Lafayette Ronald Hubbard was well known as a science fiction author and as the developer of the self-help system of Dianetics. What religion did he develop based on the principles of Dianetics?
    Hare Krishna

8. Jim Jones established the People's Temple, to practice 'apostolic socialism', in Indianapolis, Indiana in the mid-1950s. The Temple moved several times, first to Redwood Valley, California in 1965, then to San Francisco, California in the early 1970s. In 1974, construction of the People's Temple Agricultural Project in Guyana began, in preparation for a move there in 1977. By what name is the People's Temple Agricultural Project better known?
    The TAP
    Port Kaituma

9. The Branch Davidians are a group that formed from a schism in the Davidian Seventh Day Adventists, itself a reform movement from the Seventh-day Adventist Church. From them arose, in 1984, the sect called the Davidian Branch Davidians, under the leadership of Vernon Wayne Howell, who later renamed himself David Koresh. Near what city did this group set up the Mount Carmel Centre?
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    Waco, Texas
    New York. New York
    Boston, Massachusetts

10. Of what parody religion, founded in 2005 by Bobby Henderson, is the Flying Spaghetti Monster the deity?
    The Holy Reformed Church of the Almighty Purple Llama
    The Western Branch of American Reform Presbylutheranism

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