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Mutiny and Mutineers - Past and Present

Created by beterave

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Mutiny and Mutineers  Past and Present game quiz
"The crime of mutiny has occurred on the high seas as long as men have sailing. These are some of famous ones and imfamous ones."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What caused the mutiny on HMS Hermione in 1797?
    the disrating of an officer
    insults by the First Mate to the crew
    the crew had not been paid

2. The mutiny on HMS Bounty is perhaps the most famous of all. Why did some of the crew side with Captain Bligh?
    they did not want to be labeled mutineers
    they did not, they all despised him
    they drew lots
    they were afraid of the mutineers

3. How were the mutineers of the USS Somers dealt with in 1847?
    they were flogged
    they were thrown to the sharks
    they were pardoned
    they were hanged

4. Not all mutinies happen at sea. What is considered the cause of the Indian Rebellion of 1857?
    animal grease on the ammo
    overbearing Britsh officers
    the threat to disband Sepoy regiments
    bad food and no pay

5. What was the cause of the mutiny on the SMS Thüringen in 1918?
    the crew did not want to fight
    Communist agitators
    unfair conditions and no pay
    there were no mutinies in the German Navy

6. The Second Battle of Aisne led to the French Army Mutiny of 1917. Which French officer is considered responsible for this mutiny?

7. Why did the crew aboard the Russian pre-Dreadnought Potemkin mutiny?
    they were given food infested with maggots
    they were denied vodka
    because of Romanov officers
    they had no desire to go to Vladivostok

8. During WWII, what caused the Port Chicago disaster/mutiny?
    an unknown explosion
    a court martial
    a severe thunder storm
    racist officers

9. Where was the SS Columbia Eagle sailing to when she was seized by two mutineers?

10. Why did Captain Valery Sabin seize the anti-submarine frigate Storozhevoy?
    he wanted to defect
    he wanted to denouce Communism
    he wanted to fight NATO
    he wanted to revive Leninist ideals

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