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"Muppet Show" Sketches

Created by James25

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Muppet Show Sketches game quiz
"On "The Muppet Show" there were several regular skits which made people tune in every week to see whether they would return for another thrilling episode. See how much you know about these recurring sketches."

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1. One of the more famous sketches on the "Muppet Show" is the Swedish chef. He is a hilarious character speaking a language that might be Swedish to some, but is remarkably understandable when you listen closely. In one of his appearances, he tries to make meatballs. What is the remarkable feature of these meatballs?
    They fly.
    They sing.
    They bounce.
    They dance.

2. One of the musical sketches in the show features Wayne and Wanda. They are not very good singers and rarely make it to the chorus at all, as some accident always occurs to them. They are traditionally introduced by a "Muppet Show" character who sees them as an opportunity to bring some "good, wholesome entertainment" to the show. Who is this character?
    Dr. Bunsen Honeydew
    Sam the Eagle
    Uncle Deadly

3. The "Muppet Show" characters not only sing, they dance a lot as well. In the segment "At the Dance", we see several characters on the dance floor, making rather corny, but still amusing jokes. One of the characters is often shown to throw his dance partners around a lot with a rather ferocious-looking dipping style. Who is this wild dancer?
    Crazy Harry

4. "The Muppet Show" has its own news segment. As one might expect, the news does not really reflect a normal news show. The host is often confronted with tragedy when he tries to read an item. When he announces falling stars in Alabama, stars are seen to fall all over him for instance. What happens when the newsman receives a hotline call from Washington D.C. ?
    He burns himself while trying to pick up the phone.
    The phone keeps moving from left to right on his desk.
    The telephone explodes before he can answer it.
    The phone starts flashing and smoke comes from it.

5. One of the stars of the show is, of course, Miss Piggy. She stars in a parody of "Star Trek" called "Pigs in Space". A famous episode of this segment features a British comedy actor as a pirate called Long John Silverstein trying to take over the USS Swinetrek. Which actor is featured in this sketch?
    Anthony Hopkins
    Gorden Kaye
    John Inman
    John Cleese

6. Muppets are also into science. In the "Muppet Labs", you can find Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, who works on one crazy invention after another. He is assisted by the rather meek Beaker, who is always the victim of the experiments that Bunsen starts. In one episode we find that Dr. Honeydew has invented a teleporter, which is used to transport people from one location to another. Which Muppet character is teleported away, when he gets angry about the experiment?

7. A segment which is not that well-known is "Bear on Patrol". It features Fozzie as a police officer out on patrol. He is joined in this sketch by one of the other Muppet characters, who plays the role of the Police Chief. Who is this character?
    Link Hogthrob

8. Miss Piggy is a very popular character on "The Muppet Show". Not only is she featured in "Pigs in Space", but also on "Veterinarian's Hospital". This sketch features her as a nurse alongside Rowlf (as a quack gone to the dogs) and Janice (as the other nurse). In true Muppet fashion, a lot of zany jokes follow, often at the expense of the patient they are treating (or rather, not treating). A long list of patients is seen on the sketch, but which patient did we not see in any of the segments?
    A telephone
    A computer
    A shoe
    A loaf of bread

9. Fozzie regularly does a comedy segment on the show. His jokes are rarely appreciated, though, and he mostly gets a lot of criticism from Statler and Waldorf, who always make comments from their balcony box. On one show, they rate the acts appearing on stage and give Fozzie a 1, saying he never was better. The guest star manages to cheer Fozzie up again and helps him regain his confidence. She sings a wonderful rendition of the song "Reach Out and Touch" at the end. Who is this guest star?
    Diana Ross
    Liza Minelli
    Shirley Bassey
    Loretta Lynn

10. In a few shows, Kermit acts as the host of a panel discussion. The panel focuses on important questions such as: "Was William Shakespeare in fact Bacon?" or "What is the meaning of life?". When the panel discusses the question "Does travel broaden the mind?", Miss Piggy gets into a fight with one of the other female panel guests. Who is this guest?
    Guest star Candice Bergen
    Mildred Huxtetter
    Annie Sue

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