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Not in Front of the Children!

Created by guitargoddess

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Not in Front of the Children game quiz
"Like movies, TV shows are rated based on content, and, like movies, there are many TV shows that are not appropriate for young viewers. Can you identify these ten shows that you should probably enjoy after the kids have gone to bed?"

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1. Which TV series, starring James Gandolfini, garnered an R rating due in part to its use of very colourful language and the prevalent theme of crime, and has also been criticized for depicting "less than favourable" stereotypes of a particular ethnic group?
    The Sopranos
    Prison Break
    The Wire
    My Name is Earl

2. There's nothing kid-friendly about this show - even the title is suggestive! Every episode is full of swearing, drug use and especially sex and nudity. What's the title of this show that premiered in 2007 and stars David Duchovny?
    Dead Like Me
    Big Love

3. At first glance, this show may seem like an okay show for kids - it's animated and the main characters are elementary school-aged. After watching for a few minutes, however, you'd quickly see that it can be quite crude and tasteless, and those young main characters curse more than most grown adults! Some of the inappropriate things kids may see if they tune in could include a talking piece of fecal matter, a towel that smokes marijuana and a the repeated violent death of one of the main characters; what show is this?
    Johnny Bravo
    South Park
    American Dad

4. Which Canadian mockumentary followed the life of three career criminals and their families, friends, and foes, and was comprised almost entirely of swearing, drug use and violence?
    Chilly Beach
    Little Mosque on the Prairie
    Degrassi: The Next Generation
    Trailer Park Boys

5. Which HBO series, rated TV-MA (adults only!), has a rather suggestive title which alludes to the side business of a seemingly-normal single father, Ray Drecker?
    Bored to Death
    Boardwalk Empire

6. Like many Showtime original series, this show starring Edie Falco is R-rated. It definitely earns this rating, as drug abuse, adultery and other mature themes are rampant in every episode. Which show, which premiered in 2009, is this?
    Nurse Jackie
    United States of Tara

7. At first, you may think that this historically-based drama may serve as educational programming for your children. You would quickly find out, however, that it was full of nudity, sexual themes and violence - including heads being chopped off! Which of these series, starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers, does this describe?
    Angels in America
    Band of Brothers
    The Tudors

8. Though this popular series about four female friends was well-liked by many women all over the world, it was really not appropriate for young children. Nearly every episode features sexual and mature themes, and if you happened to catch it in its original format or on DVD rather than in syndication, there was quite a bit of nudity as well. Which series that spawned two hit movies does this describe?
    Melrose Place
    The L Word
    Sex and the City

9. Despite the "Twilight" and other vampire-related media phenomenon being popular with many people of many different ages, one such television offering is really not appropriate for the younger viewers. Which HBO show featuring the character of Sookie Stackhouse is rated for adults only in both Canada and the US (as well as other countries worldwide) due to highly erotic themes and depictions, as well as violence?
    Empire Falls
    True Blood
    Jersey Shore

10. This show, created by a well-known film and TV star, may look like a kid's show due to the stop motion animation and claymation techniques, but most parental guidelines recommend that it not be viewed by young kids. The show typically parodies various aspects of pop culture, often in a crude manner. Which show fits this description?
    Aqua Teen Hunger Force
    Fraggle Rock
    Robot Chicken
    Beavis and Butthead

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Compiled Apr 26 13