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Family Game Night

Created by 3Xy147Bm

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Family Game Night game quiz
"I want to host a fun family game night. I have lots and lots of games. There is no label on the boxes and I don't know what the games are. Can you help me by playing this quiz to find out what they are?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Well I open one box first and see the contents. I see the Monopoly logo. There is a game board and play money with Mr. Krabs on them. There are 2 dice. There are properties which include the Krusty Krab. What edition of Monopoly is this?
    Disney Monopoly
    SpongeBob Monopoly
    Star Wars Monopoly
    Monopoly City

2. The next game I open has a game board and cards. There are red, yellow, green, and blue sections. There is a safety zone. There are some places to slide along the board. What game is this?
    Connect Four

3. This box has a rack and numbered cards inside of it. The object of this game is to place all of your cards in numerical order from least to greatest. What is this game?
    Trivial Pursuit

4. The Lakeshore Company created this game. The game was created to build cause and effect skills. The object is to travel along a game board and correctly answer questions to collect jewels.
    Habitat Challenge
    Iguana Factor
    Weather Bingo
    Quest for the Jewels

5. This next game has over 100 dice. The object is to complete challenges. The sections are Action Land, Thinking Town, and Trivia Ville. Can you name this game?
    Dice Capades

6. The next game is much like poker. It uses 5 dice and the object of the game is to get the dice to be three of a kind, four of a kind, full house, large/small straight, or 5 of a kind. What is the name of this game?
    Mouse Trap

7. This next box I open doesn't really look like a board game. It is a toy. You can pull it, twist it, or shout it. A special name is given for hit it. What is this game?
    Bop It
    Hungry, Hungry Hippos
    Chutes and Ladders

8. This next game is a mat with red, green, blue, and yellow dots. There is a spinner with commands like left foot red or right hand yellow. What game is this?

9. This next game is a Disney game. There are "photos" of Disney characters. On each photo, there are 6 characters. There are Photo and I.D. cards for all of the characters and you need to match the cards and the characters. What game is this?
    Group Photo
    Gator Golf
    Candy Land
    Deal or No Deal

10. This next game is a replica of Disney Land. You are with a family and you want to ride one attraction in each of the sections. You travel along a board with numbers for the attractions. There are railroads too. What game is this?
    Magic Kingdom
    Animal Kingdom
    Hollywood Studios

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Compiled Jun 28 12