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"The Wire" - Season Two: The Docks and Dealers

Created by PDAZ

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The Wire  Season Two  The Docks and Dealers game quiz
"Season two of the HBO show, "The Wire" began with some of the main players in the Barksdale crew behind bars, while we were introduced to another operation involving smuggling on the docks. What do you remember about "the bad guys" in season two?"

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1. What did Avon Barksdale do to get his parole hearing moved up in season two?
    He turned in a guard for the drug poisoning of several inmates.
    He testified against his nephew D'Angelo.
    He won a good behavior award.
    He framed the warden and then blackmailed him in exchange for keeping quiet.

2. In season two, what did the dock workers steal from the police and ship around the country?
    A garden gnome
    A surveillance van
    A SWAT uniform
    An ammo case

3. What was in the shipping container that Nick and Ziggy Sobotka stole from the docks and sold to Glekas in season two?
    Rubber ducks
    Kitchen appliances
    Blue jeans

4. In season two, who arranged the murder of D'Angelo Barksdale?
    Avon Barksdale
    Stringer Bell

5. What did The Greek's right-hand man, Spiros, want Nick Sobotka to steal for him in season two?
    A shipment of llamas
    Uranium for making bombs
    A shipment of TVs
    Chemicals to make drugs

6. In season two, what tipped off union leader Frank Sobotka that he was under surveillance?
    He saw Kima taking pictures of his house.
    His cell phone wasn't shut off even though he was several months behind in payments.
    He found several cigarette stubs in his backyard which meant someone was standing there for a while.
    He kept hearing a clicking sound when he was on the telephone.

7. In season two, what was the result of the gun battle between Bodie's crew and the rival dealers they had chased away from a corner?
    A young boy was killed in the crossfire.
    The rival dealer was killed and his crew joined up with Bodie.
    Bodie was killed.
    Stringer Bell was hit in the crossfire.

8. Why did Ziggy Sobotka end up in jail in season two?
    He was caught breaking into the shipyard.
    He killed the Greek fence, Glekas.
    He was caught in a drug sting.
    He shot Kima Greggs.

9. Whom did Stringer Bell trick into trying to kill New York hitman Brother Mouzone in season two?

10. Who killed Frank Sobotka in season two?
    Stringer Bell
    Detective McNulty
    The Greeks
    Nick Sobotka

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