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Weird Oregon

Created by nmerr

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Weird Oregon game quiz
"There are many weird places and attractions throughout the U.S. The state of Oregon is no exception. Take this quiz and see how many of them you know."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. If you travel to Salem, Oregon and decide to get a bite to eat, perhaps you'd enjoy a shake and hamburger at the renowned Rock-n-Rogers 50s Diner. What is perched on top of a pedestal in the parking lot that bears the diner's name?
    Pair of roller skates
    Pink Cadillac
    Vinyl record

2. In August 2006, local artist Samuel Clemens created a reproduction of a famous painting. His reproduction measured 60 feet by 40 feet and was painted on a grassy slope on the edge of his farm in Toledo. It attracted a lot of attention. What painting did Clemens reproduce?
    Mona Lisa
    The Scream
    Blue Boy

3. The town of Ashland, Oregon hosts the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, a huge celebration similar to the one in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. The Elizabethan stage, modeled after London's 1599 Fortune Theater, is the centerpiece for the celebration. The idea for this festival came from a local man named Angus Bowmer. Bowmer decided to write to a famous English actor who had desperately wanted to play King Lear during the 1963 festival. Name the actor.
    Charles Laughton
    Anthony Hopkins
    Richard Burton
    Laurence Olivier

4. The towns of Damascus and Scappoose, southeast and northwest of Portland, respectively, are home to the same unusual attraction. We're talking a really big attraction. These towns each have a giant what?

5. For those with a sweet tooth, an unusual doughnut shop in Portland may satisfy the craving if it doesn't creep you out first. The menu includes a raspberry- filled doughnut shaped like a voodoo doll, accompanied by pretzel sticks should you feel the urge to jab the voodoo doughnut. What is the name of this doughnut shop?
    Swahili Lounge
    Voodoo Doughnut
    Magic Machine
    Voodoo Shmoodoo

6. In Milwaukie, Oregon, located behind a strip mall, is a replica of a very famous statue. Of course this statue is quite a bit smaller than the original, 115 feet tall to be exact. Placed in its location in 2005, after what statue is the replica modeled?
    Statue of Liberty
    Leaning Tower of Pisa
    Eiffel Tower
    Abraham Lincoln

7. In McMinnville, Oregon, a famous airplane is on display at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. The plane at one time belonged to the wealthy industrialist, Howard Hughes. What is the name of Hughes' airplane?
    Spruce Goose
    Black Goose
    White Goose
    Loose Goose

8. On September 18, 2006, a Bend, Oregon gas station owner decided to try something a little different. Inspired by a California man who had done the same thing years earlier, Kent Couch tied something to 67 helium-filled latex balloons for an aerial excursion. What did Kent Couch tie to the balloons?
    a wagon
    a lawn chair
    a bicycle
    a couch

9. Residents of the small town of Molalla in Clackamas County have been telling stories about something very strange happening for many years. What do the locals believe is haunted?

10. If you ever travel to Astoria, Oregon, you might be surprised to see what stands atop Coxcomb Hill. Inspired by the ancient Roman original, what is this structure?
    public baths
    a mausoleum
    a marble column
    a stadium

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Compiled Sep 23 13