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The War of 1812

Created by poultrybot

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The War of 1812 game quiz
"In this war Britain and America fought against each other for the last time. What do you remember about the War of 1812?"

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1. This former Governor of Indiana Territory became the American commander of the Army of the Northwest in 1812. His army recaptured Detroit from the British and pushed as far as London, Ontario. Years after the war, he became the 9th President of the United States, but died after only 32 days in office. He still holds the record for the shortest term of any American President. Who is he?
    Benjamin Harrison
    William Henry Harrison
    John Henry
    John Adams

2. Early in the War of 1812, British Major-General Sir Isaac Brock enjoyed many early victories. Despite the successes of his armies, he was killed in October 1812. He has since become one of Canada's few military heroes, and a 56-metre column still stands in his honour at the approximate site of his death. In which battle did he die?
    Battle of York
    Battle of the Thames
    Battle of Tippecanoe
    Battle of Queenston Heights

3. Throughout most of the War of 1812, the British were also fighting a major war in Europe. Which European country was Great Britain's primary adversary from 1812-1814?

4. Which former American President, who left office in 1809, declared before the War of 1812 began that the "acquisition" of Canada would be a "mere matter of marching"?
    Thomas Jefferson
    James Monroe
    George Washington
    John Quincy Adams

5. In January 1813, the British and their Native American allies scored a decisive victory at the bloody Battle of Frenchtown, sometimes known as the River Raisin Massacre. In what present-day province or state did this take place?

6. This Shawnee chief unified a large Native American confederacy and sided with the British during the War of 1812 against the Americans. In 1813 he died leading his armies near London, Ontario, in the Battle of the Thames. What Native American leader is this?
    Sitting Bull
    Quanah Parker
    Little Turtle

7. In September 1813, this famous American Commodore led his fleet to victory in the Battle of Lake Erie, a naval battle near Toledo, Ohio. In 1854, his brother would go on to force the opening of Japan to foreign commerce. Who is this commodore whose victory gave the Americans sea power in the Great Lakes throughout the duration of the War of 1812?
    Matthew Calbraith Perry
    Oliver Perrin Langley
    Matthew Langford Perry
    Oliver Hazard Perry

8. Which French-Canadian officer of the British Army is famous for repelling the American advance on Montreal at the Battle of Chateauguay near Ormstown, Quebec, in 1813?
    Louis-Joseph de Montcalm
    Louis Riel
    Samuel Champlain
    Charles de Salaberry

9. In the Niagara Peninsula in July 1814, 5,000 Americans, British and Canadians fought the bloodiest battle of the War of 1812. By the end of the battle over 1,100 men from both sides were wounded, and 250 killed. By what name is this battle known?
    Battle of Crysler's Farm
    Battle of Lundy's Lane
    Battle of Moraviantown
    Battle of Beaver Dams

10. The last major battle of the War of 1812 occurred in January, 1815, two weeks after a peace treaty had been signed between Great Britain and the United States in Belgium. Because news of the peace had to travel to North America by boat at the time, it did not reach the combatants in time to prevent the battle. Where did this last battle take place?
    Niagara Falls
    New Orleans
    York (Toronto)

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