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Name the Movie - Photo Version 2

Created by skunkee

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Name the Movie  Photo Version 2 game quiz
"Use the photos and clues to help you choose the names of the movies. Warning - contains some spoilers."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. This 1974 film, based on an Agatha Christie novel, was not your classic 'who-dunnit', in that it had a rather different ending. What movie does this picture call to mind?
    And Then There Were None
    Murder on the Orient Express
    Ordeal by Innocence
    Endless Night

2. In this 1984 movie, everyone is running around Colombia, in pursuit of a treasure much like the one depicted here. What romantic/adventure/comedy does this photo call to mind?
    Jewel of the Nile
    Romancing the Stone
    Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
    National Treasure

3. Which 1975 spy movie, starring Robert Redford and Faye Dunaway, is brought to mind by this photo?
    The Eagle Has Landed
    Three Days of the Condor
    Black Hawk Down
    Cold Turkey

4. Which 1994 Disney classic does this picture call to mind?
    Answer: (Three Words)

5. This 2008 movie deals with the legal prosecution of prison guards, after the Holocaust. What is the title of the movie, suggested by the item in the picture?
    QB VII
    The Reader
    Judgement at Nuremberg
    The Diary of Anne Frank

6. Which 2001 caper film, starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt, ends at the fountain pictured in the photo?
    The Ladykillers
    Ocean's 11
    America's Sweethearts

7. What 1985 Tom Hanks comedy is suggested by this photo?
    The Red Shoes
    Walking Tall
    The Man with One Red Shoe

8. What 1960 Hitchcock movie had people afraid of taking a shower?
    Shadow of a Doubt

9. What 2008 movie, starring Katherine Heigl as 'always the bridesmaid', does this picture bring to mind?
    The Proposal
    27 Dresses
    Bride Wars
    The Wedding Planner

10. What 1988, Oscar-winning movie, starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, does this picture suggest?
    Answer: (Two Words)

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Compiled Oct 02 13