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Grand Old Party

Created by adams627

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : USA in the 19th.Century
Grand Old Party game quiz
"The modern American two-party system emerged around 1868, right after the American Civil War. From independence until that time period, though, factions struggled for power continuously. Come on in and learn about these "grand old parties!""

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1. The year is 1789. Americans have won a struggle for independence against the British and recently drafted a new constitution. Unlike the earlier Articles of Confederation, this new document provided for a president, head of the executive branch. Unanimously, the Electoral College picked the victorious general, George Washington, to be the country's leader. What political party was Washington a member of?
    Republican- he was opposed to gun control
    Prohibition- he was a strict Methodist and as dry as can be
    Democrat- he was attracted to the civil rights plank
    None- he loathed political parties

2. Right after George Washington left office, two new political parties took shape. John Adams, a Federalist, won office in the election of 1796, inheriting Washington's body of political conflict, and earning himself the enmity of his vice president, the Republican Thomas Jefferson. What legislation passed by the Adams administration would further polarize the political system?
    Embargo Act
    Indian Removal Act
    Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions
    Alien and Sedition Acts

3. In 1800, Thomas Jefferson and the Republicans successfully wrested control from Adams and earned the White House. They would hold it for decades, as Federalist power began to die out. Perhaps the striking blow to the Federalists came in 1814, a year of war for the United States. What wartime event would spell the end for the American two-party system for several years?
    Missouri Compromise
    Albany Congress
    Hartford Convention
    Battle of New Orleans

4. In his first inaugural address, Thomas Jefferson claimed, "We are all Democrats; we are all Republicans." Hence, his party was called the Democratic-Republicans for the next two decades. It all fell apart in 1828, though, when a new group just called the Democrats emerged to take the Presidency. What was the impetus for the political split?
    The Nullification Crisis in South Carolina
    The election of James K. Polk
    A major economic crisis, the Panic of 1827
    A very controversial election in 1824

5. The Election of 1832 saw the first "third-party" candidate for president in American history, William Wirt. Wirt, a former Attorney General and prosecutor in the trial of Aaron Burr, earned seven electoral votes in 1832 for a party that vanished pretty much immediately after the election. Which single-issue party's banner did he carry?
    Socialist Party
    Greenback Party
    Anti-Masonic Party
    Prohibition Party

6. Dissatisfaction with Andrew Jackson led to the creation of the Whig Party, which challenged the one-party system for several decades. The Whigs at first were a diverse group of people who were frustrated with Jackson's policies. Which of the following planks was NOT part of the Whig platform?
    Social reform, especially temperance
    Government support of internal improvements
    Immediate war with Mexico
    Enactment of a high protective tariff

7. Fast-forward ten years to the election of 1848, which was won by Whig Zachary Taylor. By this point, the American third-party system had dramatically developed, with the establishment of several new movements designed to change the power struggle between Democrats and Whigs. Many of these parties had a single issue as part of their platform. What issue was debated by factions like the Liberty and Free Soil Parties?
    Women's suffrage
    Indian removal

8. Whig power quickly started dying in the 1850s. Sectional conflicts threatened the Whigs' existence, as the party split over slavery. In its place arose a new party, an offshoot of the Order of the Star-Spangled Banner, which was a secret anti-immigration organization. What "secretive" name was given to the new political group?
    Masonic Party
    Know-Nothing Party
    Black Panther Party
    Shadow Party

9. The modern Republican Party was born in the Midwest during the late 1850s. The party was made up of northerners who opposed the Kansas-Nebraska Act, but it had little identity beyond that, and virtually no political clout in the South. In 1856, the party nominated a Mexican War hero nicknamed "the Pathfinder," to oppose James Buchanan. Which first Republican candidate was it?
    Millard Fillmore
    William T. Sherman
    William Seward
    John C. Fremont

10. With war looming on the horizon, the election of 1860 would surely be a turning point in the nation's political history. As the Democratic Party fractured between secessionists and moderates, the Republicans nominated their own moderate, who continually claimed that Congress had no right to interfere with slavery. The Republicans won. Who was the candidate that they nominated?
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