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It's A Beautiful World

Created by delboy22

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Its A Beautiful World game quiz
"All the clues and answers are associated with our beautiful world, and can be found within the letters of 'A BEAUTIFUL WORLD'."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Fluffed up like a cloud.
    Answer: (One word begins with B)

2. Associated with flowers.
    Answer: (One word - 6 letters, begins with F)

3. The sound made by certain birds, almost like a yodel.
    Answer: (One word - 6 letters - Begins with W)

4. Cultivated land that is unused for one season.
    Answer: (One word - 6 letters)

5. A species of insect-eating hyena native to Southern Africa.
    Answer: (One word - 8 letters)

6. To shine forth, as the sun does.
    Answer: (One word - 7 letters)

7. The colour of a clear sky or clear sea.
    Answer: (One word - 4 letters)

8. Anyone who has ever been to Norway, will know the name of a long narrow inlet of water. Please note - there are two ways of spelling the word - logic will tell you which is correct!
    Answer: (One word - 5 letters)

9. A stiff hat, traditionally made of straw.
    Answer: (One word - begins with b)

10. A very large rock.
    Answer: (One word - 7 letters)

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Compiled Jan 29 13