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A Few Little Cubs

Created by Nightmare

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Chicago Cubs
A Few Little Cubs game quiz
"A short and sweet little mix about the Chicago Cubs franchise in all multiple choice with pictures for clues if you can understand them. Have fun. :)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The Cubs went to 10 World Series in the 20th century. When was their last appearance of the century?

2. Which Cubs pitcher was on the mound when Babe Ruth 'called his shot' in the 1932 World Series?
    Bret Landon
    Carl Mays
    Charlie Root
    Dazzy Vance

3. Who managed the Cubs to division championships in 2007 and 2008?
    Jim Leyland
    Don Baylor
    Lou Piniella
    Dusty Baker

4. Whose Cub number 10 was retired by the franchise?
    Ernie Banks
    Ron Santo
    Tony Perez
    Sammy Sosa

5. Which of the following hit the most career home runs while wearing a Cubs uniform?
    Don Kessinger
    Ernie Banks
    Sammy Sosa
    Hack Wilson

6. Who was the first Japanese player to play for the Cubs?
    Hee Seop Choi
    Chan Ho Park
    Chien Ming Wang
    Kosuke Fukudome

7. Who bought the Cubs from the "Chicago Tribune" after the 2009 season?
    Mark Cuban
    The Ricketts Family

8. The Chicago franchise has seen many greats over many decades in the club's history. Which of the following is a 3000 Hit Club member, solely with the franchise?
    Cap Anson
    Ernie Banks
    Rogers Hornsby
    Honus Wagner

9. What team was Wrigley Field built for?
    Chicago Dolphins
    Chicago Whales
    Chicago White Sox
    Chicago Marauders

10. Who was the first-ever Cub to win the Rookie of the Year Award?
    Don Zimmer
    Dick Ellsworth
    Lou Johnson
    Billy Williams

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Compiled Jun 28 12