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Party Animals

Created by looney_tunes

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Party Animals game quiz
"Many are familiar with the Republican Elephant and the Democratic Donkey as symbols of these American political parties. How many of these other party animals from around the world do you know?"

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1. During the US presidential campaign of 1912, the Progressive Party gained their animal nickname from a statement made by their presidential candidate immediately following an assassination attempt. By what name did this party become popularly known?
    Bull Moose Party
    Legal Eagle Party
    Eager Beaver Party
    Pink Elephant Party

2. Cornelius the First, a resident of the Granby Zoo in Quebec, is the official logo of a political party named after his species. What kind of animal was considered by the founders of the party to be a suitable symbol for a political party because it, like most politicians, is thick-skinned, slow moving and not overly bright?

3. In its own words, the Constitution Party (in the United States) was formed "to restore American jurisprudence to its Biblical foundations and to limit the federal government to its Constitutional boundaries" (Preamble to the Constitution Party National Platform). Their official logo features the party name, in red, white and blue, along with an image of what iconic national animal?
    Wild turkey
    Bald eagle

4. The Danish Konservativ Ungdom (English translation Young Conservatives) party has a logo with what regal beast lying on top of the outlined letters KU?

5. What fire-breathing animal features prominently in the logo for the Wessex Regionalist Party, based in the southwest of England?

6. The United States has a number of political parties in addition to the Republicans and the Democrats which are familiar names to most. At the end of the 20th century, the longest-established third party, founded in 1869, used a camel for its emblem. Which party was allocated the camel as a symbol by the political cartoonist Thomas Nast?
    Emancipationist Party
    Conservative Party
    Green Party
    Prohibition Party

7. In 2008, a mountainous Asian country held elections to organize an assembly to decide on a new Constitution as the country prepared for a transition from being a constitutional monarchy to being a republic. There were 74 registered parties in the election, whose emblems included a peacock and a horse, along with a number of other animals, as well as some intriguing inanimate objects. In what country did these party animals flourish in 2008?
    Sri Lanka

8. In the United States a party that was organised in the early 21st century by Iraq and Afghanistan veterans uses a red, white and blue owl as their logo. What is the name of this party which, according to its slogan, aspires to be 'a party for the rest of us'?
    New Labor Party
    Veterans for Peace
    Modern Whig Party
    Friends of Festivus

9. Lions, with their implication of strength and power, are popular political symbols. In what nationally-divided island does the Democratic Unionist Party use a red, white and blue lion as part of its logo?

10. My personal favorite political emblem featuring an animal shows a large cat sporting sunglasses, a studded metal collar around its neck, and an electric guitar. Which now-defunct joke British party used this image?
    Conservative and Unionist Party
    Rock 'n' Roll Loony Party
    Labour Party
    Liberal Democrats

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Compiled Jun 28 12