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Brownlow Medal With a Twist

Created by zambesi

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Brownlow Medal With a Twist game quiz
"This is not just about the names and the years of the winners, but the story behind the winners themselves. I am sure you will find it challenging and interesting."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. I played hundreds of games for my club before I played in a Premiership side. I was also the holder of 5 Guinness World Records. Who am I?
    Kevin Murray
    Shane Crawford
    Dick Reynolds
    Don Cordner

2. I played for 4 VFL clubs and it was at my 3rd club that I won the Brownlow. Who am I?
    Barry Round
    Gerard Healey
    Greg Williams
    Brian Wilson

3. I played 191 games for my club and came there under the "father and son" rule. My father had actually partnered the great Roy Gazaly in the ruck. Before signing for my club, I had been approached by Collingwood and VFA club Northcote. Who am I?
    Stan Judkins
    Denis Ryan
    Norm Ware
    Herbie Matthews

4. I always wore number 17 on my jumper, and as a forward had trouble seeing the ball. This was rectified by wearing contact lenses and in that same year I won the Brownlow playing on the backline. Who am I?
    Verdun Howell
    Gordon Collis
    Scott Wynd
    Len Thompson

5. I was a speedy wingman and played 150 games for my club. I was on the Burma railway and then spent 3 years in Changi prison. While in prison I helped organise a football competitions consisting of six teams named after VFL clubs. Who am I?
    Haydn Bunton Snr.
    Bill Morris
    Marcus Whelan
    Wilfred Smallhorn

6. Which of these football awards was the last one to be introduced?
    Brownlow Medal (VFL)
    Recorder Cup (VFA)
    Sandover Medal (WAFL)
    Magarey Medal (SANFL)

7. During my lifetime I fought in both World Wars and as a youngster I was at Gallipoli and the Western Front. I was actually born in Sydney, and then my family moved to Melbourne where I attended Wesley College. Who am I?
    Ivor Warne-Smith
    Albert Collier
    Colin Watson
    Syd Coventry

8. To celebrate the 100th season of the AFL, the "AFL Team of the Century" was named in 1996. How many Brownlow Medalist players were named in this team?

9. I wore number 20 in all my 124 games for my club. I was also better known by my nickname given to me as a baby by a family friend. It was many years before another player from my club won the Brownlow. Who am I?
    Edward Greeves
    Peter Moore
    Alan Ruthven
    Tony Lockett

10. I also represented Australia at baseball as a demonstration sport against the USA at the Olympic Games. I was the first player from my club to have won the Brownlow and also played in a Premiership Team. Who am I?
    Neil Roberts
    Brian Gleeson
    John James
    Peter Box

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Compiled Apr 05 13