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Prelude to The Revolutionary War

Created by WorldBook14

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Prelude to The Revolutionary War game quiz
"The Revolutionary War did not begin overnight. Several years of conflict and tension preceded the start of the actual war. This quiz deals with some of those events."

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1. Which act, passed by British Parliament in 1764, was the first tax placed on the colonies?
    Stamp Act
    Declaratory Act
    Tea Act
    Sugar Act

2. Which act, passed in 1765, taxed most paper products and documents?
    Townshend Acts
    Coercive Acts
    Declaratory Act
    Stamp Act

3. Which 1767 act (or acts) indirectly taxed lead, tea, paper, and glass?
    Tea Act
    Sugar Act
    Stamp Act
    Townshend Acts

4. What 1770 event sparked anger in the colonies when British troops fired into a riot, killing five people?
    Boston Tea Party
    The Boston Massacre
    Lexington and Concord
    2nd Continental Congress

5. Who was the African American man killed during the Boston Massacre?
    Booker T. Washington
    Crispus Attucks
    Martin Luther King Jr.
    Nat Turner

6. What 1773 act made British tea cheaper than the Dutch tea commonly used in the colonies?
    Intolerable Acts
    Sugar Act
    Tea Act
    Stamp Act

7. During what event did colonists, disguised as Indians, board British ships and dump 342 chests of tea into Boston Harbor?
    The Indian's Raid
    Boston Massacre
    Boston Tea Party
    The Great Tea Dumping

8. Which acts, also called The Coercive Acts, closed the Boston Port in order to prohibit trade?
    Declaratory Acts
    Intolerable Acts
    Closing Act
    No Trade Act

9. What letter was published in the colonies so every colonist was aware of the unfair treatment from Great Britain?
    Freedom Letter
    Common Sense
    Massachusetts Circular Letter
    Anti-British Letter

10. In what year did the Revolutionary War finally begin?

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