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Cars 2

Created by Daddy19

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Cars 2 (2011)
Cars 2 game quiz
"How much do you know about this 2011 Disney Pixar release, which continues the adventures of Lightning McQueen?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. At the start of "Cars 2", Finn McMissile sneaked onto an oil rig in search of his colleague Leland Turbo. Which actor provided the voice for Finn McMissile?
    Sean Connery
    Pierce Brosnan
    Roger Moore
    Sir Michael Caine

2. Miles Axelrod announced that he was starting the World Grand Prix series that would prove the benefits of the new eco-fuel that he had developed. What was the name of this fuel?

3. Where was the first race of the World Grand Prix series held?
    South Carea

4. McMissile was in the same city as the first World Grand Prix race to meet his American contact, Rod 'Torque' Redline, however the bad guys got to him first and Redline was forced to secretly place the information McMissile needed underneath which resident of Radiator Springs?

5. Emily Mortimer provided the voice for which character in "Cars 2", the trainee spy who was helping Finn McMissile with his mission?
    Dolley Crashalot
    Polly Brakenicely
    Holley Shiftwell
    Molly Turnsharply

6. Before the first race, Lightning McQueen spoke to Jeff Gorvette and which other car, who shares the name of which British Formula One racing driver?
    Lewis Hamilton
    Jenson Button
    Damon Hill
    Anthony Davidson

7. During the races, a weapon was fired at some of the participants, which caused their fuel to explode. What was this weapon disguised as?
    A wheel-change gun
    A pit-to-car radio
    A television camera
    A refuelling rig

8. Was Lightning McQueen one of the racers the bad guys targeted with the secret weapon?

9. What was the name of the London landmark in which the good guys were held hostage?
    Marble Wheel-Arch
    Hyde Car Park
    Buckingham Pal-Lotus
    Big Bentley

10. Whilst he was tied up, the bad guys replaced Mater's fuel with Allinol so their weapon could be used on him during the race as well.

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