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Pseudo Science, or The Next Frontier?

Created by Sparroc

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Pseudo Science or The Next Frontier game quiz
"From Copernicus and Galileo, to Einstein and Darwin, scientific visionaries have received intense criticism when they introduced revolutionary ideas. This quiz is about scientific topics that have not yet, and may never achieve broad acceptance."

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1. Anti Gravity

Russian scientist Eugene Podkletnov claimed that experiments involving fast rotating superconductors reduced the gravitational effect. Others have tried to replicate Podkletnov's results, with no success. Which of the following did not happen after Podkletnov wrote his 1995 paper on his gravity shielding research?
    The CIA offered him $3.2 million to come to work for the US
    He was blocked from entering his lab at the Tempere University of Technology in Finland
    His co-author disavowed knowledge of the paper
    He withdrew the paper

2. The Great Pyramid

Many claims have been made about the Great Pyramid - which of the following theories about The Great Pyramid has not been cited in published papers and books?
    The precision of the machining that was required to cut granite during the construction of the Great Pyramid (and other monuments) is difficult or impossible to duplicate today
    The Great Pyramid could have been used for electric power generation
    Nikola Tesla reported the Great Pyramid as the likely source of remote amplification of electromagnetic waves generated from his research lab in New York
    The thickness of the courses of granite in The Great Pyramid is proportional to resonant frequencies of all elements, suggesting sophisticated harmonic coupling

3. Nazi Scientists

One item that remains a mystery is the secret Nazi device Die Glocke - The Bell. Attributed with a variety of possible uses, including free energy, anti-gravity, and time manipulation, The Bell was supposedly the result of unique research. What belief held by Nazi leadership allegedly contributed to this unique research?
    The tenets of quantum mechanics were wrong
    Most advanced physics at the time was developed by Jewish scientists and therefore would not be a starting point for Nazi research
    Ancient texts from Sumeria and India provided a blueprint for advanced weaponry
    All of these

4. Red Mercury

Red Mercury is the subject of many conjectures and hoaxes. One of the claims about Red Mercury is that it is a ballotechnic material, and as such is capable of which of the following:
    It can explode with enough force to act as the trigger for a thermonuclear reaction
    It ignites when configured in a specific geometry
    At the molecular level is made of tightly bonded spheres
    It can become a dense super-conductor at room-temperature

5. Zero Point Energy

In the animated movie The Incredibles, the villain Syndrome says his ray beams use 'Zero Point Energy'. What is Zero Point Energy?
    The energy of the vacuum
    The energy an object has when its temperature is above absolute zero
    There is no such thing as Zero Point Energy - It doesn't exist
    The energy of a singularity, or black hole

6. Scalar Field Theory

One emerging hypothesis about the source of Zero Point Energy is Scalar Field Theory. Scalar fields differ from 'normal' electromagnetic fields in that they have no direction. What is another type of scalar field?

7. Hyperdimensional Physics

Proponents of hyperdimensional physics claim that our universe includes more than three physical dimensions. Which of the following is not cited as 'evidence' of hyperdimensional physics?
    A lack of sufficient neutrinos from the Sun
    The energy output of planets such as Jupiter is greater than what they absorb
    Modern military aircraft flight characteristics
    Improper editing of Maxwell's equations

8. The Moon

We still don't know where the moon originated - the prevailing theories all have significant shortcomings. What known phenomenon is cited as possible evidence that the moon was created artificially?
    The mass and density of the moon is much lower that expected
    Electromagnetic transmissions received by NASA
    Alien ruins found by the Apollo astronauts
    Radar imaging results

9. Altered States

Some have theorized that altered states of consciousness are actually the brain retuning itself to tap into a different form of reality. Which of the following is not cited as evidence for this theory?
    Cave drawings in different parts of the world
    The commonality of experience across geographies and cultures
    EKG monitoring during trance states
    The emergence of common aspects of civilization among human ancestors at approximately the same time in history

10. New Worlds

Planetary scientists are becoming more precise in their classification of celestial bodies. The downgrading of Pluto as a planet is a recent famous example. Where do scientists believe that we may find undiscovered planets in our solar system?
    In the far reaches of the Oort Cloud and Kuiper Belt
    In highly eccentric orbits between Uranus and Pluto
    Just beyond the orbit of Pluto
    Very close to the Sun - so close they are shielded by the Sun's light

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