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Inventing Questions

Created by pennie1478

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Scientists & Inventors
Inventing Questions game quiz
"Questions about different inventors and their inventions."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Napoleon Bonaparte offered a prize to anyone who could find an easier way to preserve food other than drying and salting it. What was the occupation of the winner, Nicolas Appert?
    Telegraph operator
    Saloon owner

2. When Henry Ford built the first model T, what nickname was the vehicle given?
    Tin Henrietta
    Tin Nicole
    Tin Sally
    Tin Lizzie

3. What was the name of the man who built the first IBM calculator?
    Howard Aiken
    Charles Darwin
    Wilbur Wright
    Yuri Gagarin

4. What was the name of the flying machine the Wright brothers built to make the first powered flight?
    Wright Way
    Wilbur's Fancy Flying Machine
    Orville's Chance

5. What was George Eastman's invention that helped in the progression of photography?
    Roll of film
    Box Camera
    Chemically treated glass plates
    Camera lens

6. John Baird invented the first television, but what invention by Vladimir Zworkin made John Baird's television obsolete?
    Cathode ray tube
    LCD screen
    High Definition

7. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone and was also the first person to make a long distance phone call. The call he made was from New York to what state?

8. Joseph Lister used what kind of acid in his operations to decrease infections and promote healing?
    Boric acid
    Nitric acid
    Citric acid
    Carbolic acid

9. What was the name of the newsletter that Galileo published only to have it banned by the Catholic church?
    The Wayside News
    The Plain Truth
    The Upside Theories
    The Sunspot Letters

10. Marie Curie and her husband Pierre identified two new elements during their work that they called radium and ________. What was the second element they discovered?

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