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The Golden Era - Horror Film Actors

Created by DoveHouse

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The Golden Era  Horror Film Actors game quiz
"There were some great classic horror movies, with equally great actors, made between 1930 and 1970. This quiz is about just some of those golden era actors."

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1. What was the Hungarian horror film actor, Bela Ferenc Deszo Blasko, better known as?
    Bella Freud
    Boris Karloff
    Bela Lugosi
    Bela Bartok

2. What was the role that Lugosi made popular and excelled in?
    Frankenstein Monster
    The Ghoul

3. On the death of Bela Lugosi, in 1956, at the age of 73, it was reported that he was buried in one of the Dracula capes used in his portrayal of the Count.

4. Lon Chaney Sr ( born Leonidas Frank Chaney) was a skilled actor in horror films in the silent era. This skill was partially attributed to his ability in mime, which he learned as a youngster, due to both his parents being deaf.

5. Lon Chaney Sr was a very talented actor, good at impressions, singing, dancing and comedy, but it was mostly his ability in the genre of horror films which gave him his Hollywood nickname.
What was this nickname?
    The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships
    The Phantom of the Opera
    Mr. Horror Movie
    Man of a Thousand Faces

6. In 1957 a biopic film was made about Lon Chaney Sr's life, which was directed by Joseph Pevney and starred Dorothy Malone as Chaney's wife. Who was the unlikely actor who starred as Chaney?
    Humphrey Bogart
    Gary Cooper
    James Cagney
    John Wayne

7. Lon Chaney Jr began his acting career in 1931, but was billed under his real name. What was his real name?
    Francis Chaney
    William Chaney
    Creighton Chaney
    Leonides Chaney

8. Lon Chaney Jr made his horror film debut in 1941, in a film entitled 'Man Made Monster'. Throughout the 1940s he made several films in this genre, but for which role was he best known?
    Dr. Frankenstein
    The Wolfman
    The Phantom of the Opera
    Count Dracula

9. Another master of horror in the golden era was Boris Karloff, but do you know what the actor's real name was?
    William Henry Pratt
    Lionel Barrymore
    Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
    Thomas Stearns Eliot

10. As with other classic horror film actors before him, Karloff is mostly remembered for one specific role. Do you know which role this is?
    The Wolfman
    Count Dracula
    The Ghoul
    Frankenstein's Monster

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