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Silent Hill 1-3

Created by kylepianoman

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Silent Hill 13 game quiz
"How well do you know the first three "Silent Hill" games?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who are the father and daughter in the original "Silent Hill"?
    Henry and Sherry Mason
    Harry and Sherry Mayson
    James and Maria Mayfield
    Harry and Cheryl Mason

2. In "Silent Hill", what part of the boss in Midwich Elementary's basement must you aim for in order to defeat it?

3. In "Silent Hill 2", James Sunderland has gone to Silent Hill because of a letter to Mary. Who is Mary?
    James' daughter
    James' wife
    James' sister
    James' girlfriend

4. What is the correct order for the locations James visits in "Silent Hill 2"?
    Hospital, Apartments, Prison, Hotel
    Apartments, Hospital, Prison, Hotel
    Hotel, Prison, Hospital, Apartments
    Prison, Hospital, Apartments, Hotel

5. In "Silent Hill 3", what is the name of the Subway Station that Heather says she needs to get to?
    Hazel Street Station
    Bachman Road Station
    Center Avenue Station
    Bergen Street Station

6. How can you relate Claudia and Heather in "Silent Hill 3"?
    Claudia has no possible relation to Heather whatsoever
    Claudia is Heather's long lost sister
    Claudia was friends with Alessa, who created Heather
    Claudia helped to create Heather

7. Which ending is in all three games?
    Dog Ending
    UFO Ending
    Suicide Ending
    None of these

8. Which places do you visit in all three games?
    Hospital and Sewers
    Church and Hotel
    School and Mall
    Theme Park and Apartments

9. The first three games (and "Silent Hill 4 : The Room") were developed by Team Silent, a development team from which publisher?
    EA Games

10. Alessa is defeated twice at an amusement park, first by Harry in "Silent Hill", and then by Heather in "Silent Hill 3". What is this amusement park called?
    Lakeside Amusement Park
    Lakeview Amusement Park
    Lakeshore Amusement Park
    Silent Hill Amusement Park

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