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Skeet Shooting

Created by Gunch

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Skeet Shooting game quiz
"Let's see what you know about this interesting and popular shooting sport."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The word "Skeet" describes:
    A type of flying target
    A perfect score
    A popular shooter's knickname
    A shooting game

2. The machine used to throw the targets is called a:

3. What are the commonly used "Clay Pigeon" targets made of?
    a mixture of lime and pitch
    live birds

4. Skeet is an American invention.

5. What is the difference between American Skeet and International Skeet?
    Gun position, size of targets, and speed of targets
    Color of targets
    Gun position, size of guns allowed
    Number of shots allowed at each target

6. How many shooting positions are there in American Skeet?

7. A round of Skeet has only 24 targets and the shooters each have 25 shotshells. What is done with the extra shell?
    It can be fired at any station at the shooters option
    It is used for practice
    It is fired at the first missed target
    It is saved for another time

8. How does a shooter call for a target?
    Only by calling "Pull!"
    By calling clearly
    Only by calling "Mark"
    By calling the referee's name

9. Where are the target traps located in American Skeet?
    In a centrally located low house
    At various positions to simulate hunting situations
    On a high tower
    In a high house and a low house at either end of the field

10. What type of shot is used when skeet shooting?
    Shotshells with buckshot
    Shotshells with large shot (2 through 6)
    Shotshells with any lead bird shot
    Shotshells with small shot (7 1/2 through 9)

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Compiled Jun 28 12