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J.D. Robb "Witness In Death"

Created by Jennifer5

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JD Robb Witness In Death game quiz
"Ten questions on J.D. Robb's tenth book in the futuristic 'In Death' series featuring NYPSD's inimitable Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her husband Roarke. Warning - contains SPOILERS!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. 'Witness in Death' opens with Eve and Roarke attending a play at New York's New Globe Theatre based on an Agatha Christie short story. Which one?
    The Regatta Mystery
    The Witness for the Prosecution
    Murder in the Mews
    The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding

2. What is the name of the actor who was the first victim, killed on stage during the course of the play?
    Michael Proctor
    Leonard Vole
    Kenneth Stiles
    Richard Draco

3. The victim slain on stage was killed by the substitution of a stage prop for a real one. Which prop was switched, to effectively become the murder weapon?

4. One of Eve's friends/colleagues asks to speak to her privately and confesses that she had had a relationship with the victim six years ago, which had ended acrimoniously. She had also seen him on the night of his murder and was afraid she might be suspected once enquiries got under way. Which of Eve's friends was in this plight?
    Charlotte Mira
    Mavis Freestone
    Nadine Furst
    Delia Peabody

5. What was the name of the head stagehand who was coerced by the murderer into hanging himself?
    Robert Quint
    Joe Quimby
    Linus Quim
    Harley Quin

6. Which of the theatre personnel told Eve he had been in love with a woman called 'Anja Carvell' for many years?
    Ralph Biden
    Richard Draco
    Kenneth Stiles
    Michael Proctor

7. Fortunately, the evening's performance of the play had been taped, so Eve was able to watch it on screen to see the exact moment the prop was switched. With whom did she watch the tape?

8. Which member of Eve's team was seriously injured during the chase of one of the suspects?
    Delia Peabody
    Troy Trueheart
    Ian McNab
    Ryan Feeney

9. What is the relationship between Areena Mansfield and the young actress Carly Landsdowne?

10. At the end of the book Eve, having solved the case, gathers all the suspects together to make her accusation and arrest. Who eventually turned out to be the murderer?
    Michael Proctor
    Kenneth Stiles
    Areena Mansfield
    Carly Landsdowne

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