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The "Gears of War" Trilogy

Created by BattleCards

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The Gears of War Trilogy game quiz
"You think you're a fan of the three "Gears of War" games? Test yourself here!"

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1. Who of these characters does NOT survive all three installments of "Gears of War"?
    Dominic Santiago
    Marcus Fenix
    Augustus Cole

2. What is Baird's first name?

3. Cole used to be an proffesional Trashball player, what is the nickname he received while player trashball?
    The Master
    Cole Plane
    Cole Train
    Cole Pain

4. What was Benjamin Carmine's weapon of choice?
    Gnasher Shotgun
    Longshot Sniper Rifle
    Snub Pistol
    Hammerburst Rifle

5. Speaking of Carmine's, which Carmine did not appear in any of the "Gears of War" Trilogy games?
    Clayton Carmine
    Anthony Carmine
    Benjamin Carmine
    Drake Carmine

6. In "Gears of War 3", some new weapons we're introduced. Which of these is NOT one of them?
    Digger Launcher
    Boltok Pistol
    Retro Lancer

7. Who of the following Locust characters can control Kryll?
    Theron Guard

8. What weapon was used to kill Queen Myrrah at the end of "Gears of War 3"?
    The Hammer of Dawn
    Dom's Knife
    Marcus' Snub Pistol
    the Chainsaw bayonet

9. What was the name of Marcus' father?
    Victor Fenix
    Unknown first name, last name Fenix
    Adam Fenix
    Jack Fenix

10. The original "Gears of War" ended on a boat?

11. In "Gears of War 2" Marcus managed to kill Skorge with his Chainsaw Bayonnet

12. In "Gears of War", Lt. Minh Young Kim, gets killed by RAAM himself.

13. What is the maximum level you can reach in the multiplayer of the original "Gears of War"?
    No levels

14. One reason Dom joined the army was to look for his missing wife Maria, after he found her, he does what?
    He wants to help her but she gets killed by a Locust grub.
    He tells her to hide until help arrives.
    He kills her.
    He takes her to an evacuation point.

15. Tai Kaliso, a character from "Gears of War 2" also gets captured by Locust troops after fighting with Skorge himself. What happens when Delta squad finds him?
    He takes a shotgun and joins the squad.
    He quits the army and goes home.
    Marcus puts him out of his misery.
    He commits suicide.

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