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Memories are Made of This

Created by Calpurnia09

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Memories are Made of This game quiz
"Books can be like friends and provide us with some of our happiest memories. Let us share ours with you."

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1. My love of history came from books I read as a child. One that I have never forgotten was made, in 2011, into a film called "The Eagle" Do you know know the title of the original book?
    Eye of the Eagle
    The Eagle Has Landed
    The Eagle of the Ninth
    Eagles' Nest

2. One of my favourite writers of historical fiction is Philippa Gregory. Which of these books did she NOT write?
    The Other Boleyn Girl
    The Boleyn Inheritance
    Daughter of Time
    The White Queen

3. I remember buying, with my first pay packet, a black comedy set in the capital of an island republic in the Caribbean. Do you know its name?
    Our Man in Port of Spain
    Our Man in Havana
    Our Man in Kingston
    Our Man in Georgetown

4. One of my favourite books has been made into a movie starring Katherine Heigl. Which author wrote "One For the Money"?
    Stephanie Laurens
    Janet Evanovich
    Kathy Reichs
    Jennifer Crusie

5. Another book I love is a hilarious tale by Sue Townsend in which the British royal family have been stripped of their powers and sent to live on a housing estate. What is the name of this irreverent comedy?
    The Queen and I
    The Monarchy Has Been Dismantled
    Adrian Mole
    Rebuilding Coventry

6. Lisa Genova's bestselling novel about a Harvard professor with Alzheimer's has a permanent place on my bookshelf. What is the title of this 2007 novel?
    Still Alice
    A Beautiful Mind
    Left Neglected
    Ordinary People

7. I have read this classic book several times and still enjoy it. The story is set in Maycomb, Alabama, and includes a housekeeper named Calpurnia and the trial of a man called Tom Robinson. Do you know its title?

    A Certain Justice
    Presumed Innocent
    To Kill a Mockingbird
    The Trial

8. The New York Times Book Review said, "Umberto Eco has written a novel and it has become a literary event". About which book, which was made into a film starring Sean Connery, was this comment made?
    The Name of the Rose
    The Name of the Pansy
    The Name of the Lily
    The Name of the Poppy

9. One of my favourite stories is a tale of a boy who is accused of murder, branded a cop-killer and the subject of a massive man hunt. Trouble is: he's only 12. He's also innocent. What is the title of John Gilstrap's 1996 novel?
    Nathan's Run
    Even Stevens
    Scott Free
    No Mercy

10. One book that I will never part with took the literary world by storm. What was the name of the bestselling novel that featured "The Vitruvian Man", murder in the Louvre Museum, conspiracy theories in the church and the Priory of Sion?
    Angels and Demons
    Deception Point
    The Da Vinci Code

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Compiled Jun 28 12