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Dead Author Tribute- Robert Cormier

Created by neigh101

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Cormier, Robert
Dead Author Tribute Robert Cormier game quiz
"This is a quiz about the many books written by the suspense author, Robert Cormier."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In "In The Middle Of The Night", how did Mr. Colbert get into trouble, as a teenager, that still follows him years later?
    he set the theater on fire
    he lit a match in the basement, as order by his boss
    another worker set the theater on fire and blamed it on him
    he went to inspect a noise on the balcony with a box of matches, as order by his boss

2. In "We All Fall Down" the Avenger is eleven years old.

3. In "Heroes" what does Francis discover about his hero that causes him to hate him?
    he is a serial killer
    he is a terrorist
    he is a rapist

4. In "Tenderness" how did Lori and Eric first meet?
    Lori was walking through the woods soon after Eric had killed a girl
    Eric picked Lori up when she is hitchhiking
    Lori snuck into Eric's car
    Lori spied on Eric

5. In "Fade" how is the fade passed?
    from grandfather to grandson
    from father to son
    from uncle to nephew
    from mother to son

6. In "Frenchtown Summer" what do Eugene and his dad both see?
    an airplane in somebody's backyard
    a boat
    an plane crash
    a murder

7. In "After The First Death" who does Kate think Artkin is?
    Miro's father
    Miro's uncle
    Ben's father
    a former cop

8. In "The Chocolate War" what does the poster in Jerry's locker say?
    "Don't fall out of the rye."
    "Be every color that you are."
    "Do I dare conform to society?"
    "Do I dare disturb the universe?"

9. In "Beyond The Chocolate War" how does Obie plan to kill Archie?
    by stabbing him with a knife
    by hanging him
    by pushing him off a leadge
    by chopping his head off with a guillotine

10. In "The Bumblebee Flies Anyway" does Cassie die?

11. In "Tunes For Bears To Dance To" does Henry accept Mr. Hairston's reward?

12. In "Other Bells For Us To Ring" what does Kathleen Mary convince Darcy to give away?
    her Shirley Temple doll
    her favorite dress
    her cap

13. In "The Rag And Bone Shop" Jason killed his friend.

14. In "I Am The Cheese" what is NOT something that Adam and Amy liked to do?
    fill up shopping carts at the store and leave them
    go horseback riding
    switch the signs on the doors of the hotel rooms

15. In "Take Me Where The Good Times Are" what does Tommy find out about his old town?
    it no longer exists
    it is the same as it has always been
    it is not the same

16. What did Robert Cormier base "Now And At The Hour" on?
    a guy he knew who had cancer
    the death of his father
    his brother

17. In "A Little Raw on Monday Mornings" Gracie is a widow.

18. Which book features the song "The Farmer in the Dell"?
    The Bumblebee Flies Anyway
    Now And At The Hour
    I Am The Cheese
    Tunes For Bears To Dance To

19. Which book features a boy who starts talking on the phone to a mysterious stranger who has started calling when he is home but his parents are at work, and who lures him into a death trap?
    A Little Raw On Monday Mornings
    The Rag And Bone Shop
    In The Middle Of The Night
    The Chocolate War

20. Which book features a boy who has a crush on his aunt?
    Frenchtown Summer
    Tunes For Bears To Dance To
    Eight Plus One

21. What book features a candy sale and a not-so-secret society who are asked to help run it?
    The Chocolate War
    Take Me Where The Good Times Are
    Beyond the Chocolate War

22. Which book features a manuscript of a book that is said to be true and asks not to be published until a certain date?
    I Have Words To Spend
    Eight Plus One
    The Rag And Bone Shop

23. Which book features alcoholic thrashers?
    After The First Death
    In The Middle Of The Night
    Tunes For Bears To Dance To
    We All Fall Down

24. Which book contains short stories about family?
    Eight Plus One
    Tunes For Bears To Dance To
    I Have Words To Spend
    Take Me Where The Good Times Are

25. Which book contains short stories that were originally published in newspaper columns?
    The Rag And Bone Shop
    Eight Plus One
    I Have Words To Spend

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