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Jingle Jangle Jewellery

Created by playmate1111

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Jingle Jangle Jewellery game quiz
"I absolutely adore jewellery. Come with me and discover just how many types of jewellery there are from all over the world."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is the oldest known jewellery thought to be made from?
    Mother of Pearl Shell
    Nassarius Snail Shells

2. Where is known to be the birthplace of the Cameo?
    Alexandria, Egypt
    Tirana, Albania
    Knossos, Greece
    Khartoum, Sudan

3. Where did the Claddagh ring originate?
    Inverness, Scotland
    Galway, Ireland
    Carmarthen, Wales
    Johannesburg, South Africa

4. These pieces of jewellery, charcoal - black, silver or gold, are often marked with Siam Sterling and created by carving out a pattern into the silver leaving a raised figure. What am I describing?

5. Who is known as The Father of Mexican Silver?
    Don Jose de la Borda
    John Buchanan
    Flor Silvestre
    William Spratling

6. Baltic Amber has been traded for centuries and examples of jewelery have been found dating from around 12,00 B.C., but what is Baltic Amber?
    The fossilized resin from trees
    Fossilized bodies of sea creatures
    The fossilized sap from trees
    Fossilized Carbon deposits

7. When Princess Diana died who chose as a memento to keep her engagement ring that Prince William give to Kate Middleton on their engagement?
    Prince William
    It was kept by the palace for the next royal to marry
    Prince Charles
    Prince Harry

8. What is Cloisonne jewellery?
    Enamel painted metal
    Hand painted clay jewellery
    Filigree metal work
    There is no such thing

9. Todays modern practice is lip piercing, but an older practice in Ethiopia was the insertion of a wood or clay disc into the mouth to stretch the lips.

10. The Hei Tiki is, or was, an ornamental pendant traditionally worn by who?
    Viking chiefs
    Native North Americans

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Compiled Mar 08 14