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Stop, Take Some Time to Think

Created by shuehorn

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Stop Take Some Time to Think game quiz
"Sports are full of rules and regulations, many having to do with time. Are you a die-hard sports fan or just one who knows a smattering of info? Take a gander at this quiz concentrating on time rules from different sports... Good Luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Golf is one sport where there are rules regarding time. While it is always good to "stop and take some time to think," there is a time limit for certain activities in golf. Which of the following activities carries a penalty if you take LONGER than the time specified in parentheses to perform them, according to the official Rules of Golf?
    Hitting your next shot once you have reached the location of your ball (3 mins.)
    Waiting for a ball that is hanging on the edge of the cup to fall into the hole (1 min.)
    Finishing a round of golf as part of a foursome (4.5 hours)
    Searching for a lost ball (5 mins.)

2. Sometimes the allotted time for a match isn't enough to determine a winner. In professional basketball, if the score is tied at the end of regulation play, the teams play an overtime period as a tie-breaker. How long is that period?
    Ten minutes
    Five minutes
    Fifteen minutes
    Twenty minutes

3. Hockey is a sport that has built-in penalty times to help players "stop and take some time to think!" The minor penalty in professional hockey lasts for _________ minutes.
    Answer: (One Word)

4. In professional hockey, there are major and minor time penalties. A major penalty, which lasts for five minutes, can be imposed for which of the following infractions?
    Making an illegal substitution
    Refusing to start play
    Disrespecting the official(s)

5. Perhaps one of the most difficult games to understand in terms of time is American football. Though the official length of most games is set at 60 minutes, which is divided into 15-minute quarters, the clock can be stopped for many different reasons. Which of the following is NOT a type of time-out in professional American football?
    Officials' time-outs
    Home-team advantage time-outs
    Media time-outs
    Automatic time-outs (aka two-minute warnings)

6. In addition to time-outs called by referees and officials in professional and collegiate American football, each team has its own discretionary time-outs that it can call to "stop and take some time to think." How many time outs does each team have per half?

7. Chess is a sport in which it is very important to "stop and take some time to think." Players who can analyze quickly and play faster than their opponents can often win on time instead of by checkmating their opponents. There are different modes of play, and one sets a fixed amount of time on the clock, where the sum of both players' time is always the same, and is called Hourglass Play.

8. Tennis is a fast-paced game where players are NOT encouraged to "stop and take some time to think." In professional play, what is the maximum time allowed for players to change sides of the court between games during a set?
    One minute and thirty seconds
    One minute
    Thirty seconds
    Four minutes

9. Synchronized swimming is an aquatic performance to music while completing mandatory movements. Routines can be performed by duos or larger teams. Points are taken off if the swimmers' movements are not synchronized, so timing is very important. The maximum time allotted for the technical routine for duets and teams is the same.

10. Timing is an important part of professional ten-pin bowling. Which of the following time-related rules IS part of this sport?
    Bowling etiquette states that if two players come to play at the same time on two adjacent lanes, the player to the right should play first.
    If a bowler takes more than an hour to finish playing ten frames, his score is assessed a ten-point penalty.
    Bowlers cannot take longer than 30 seconds to bowl when it is their turn.
    If a bowler plays at the wrong time (out of turn), the only penalty imposed is a warning to pay attention, and the correct order of play is reestablished.

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