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Book of Proverbs

Created by kyleisalive

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Idioms and Proverbs
Book of Proverbs game quiz
"Searching through my local library I came across a picture book about proverbs. Let me tell you-- I've never had more trouble understanding a picture book. A picture is worth a thousand words, so can you help me out by making sense of these?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Uh...apparently if one of these creatures is in my hand it has the same value as two in a bush. Which of these is worth this much?
    A biped
    A kiwi
    Any wild game
    A bird

2. When an image like this appears next to a phrase such as "one of these keeps the doctor away", it's hard not to wonder. What do people say you should have one of every single day?
    An orange
    A lamp
    A lemon
    An apple

3. According to this confusing book of proverbs, some say that every cloud happens to be lined with which of these materials?
    Metal alloys

4. As per this stilted book of proverbs, there is no time like which of these?
    The present
    The gift
    A birthday

5. All that happens to be this also tends to end the same way.
Which of these seems to fit this proverb and the title of a Shakespearean play?
    Answer: (One Word - All's ____...and then it ends the same)

6. According to the old proverb (and the old proverb book), what should be given when it's due?
    Bill payments

7. As per the old adage, you need to strike while which of these is hot?
    The iron
    The pressure
    The steam
    The suit

8. According to the old saying, which of these should you not place before the horse?
    Your dinner
    The buggy
    The cart
    The groceries

9. If you decide to simply go along with something, you would be considered 'going with the...' what?

10. If you can't remember something, what's been said supposedly goes into one of these, and out another. What exactly would it go in and out of?

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Compiled Jun 28 12