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Illuminating the Dark Ages

Created by Creedy

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Medieval History
Illuminating the Dark Ages game quiz
"The quiz looks at Europe in the Dark Ages, a period of history that took place before the Middle Ages."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The collapse of which empire signalled the onset of the Dark Ages?

2. In the early stages of the Dark Ages, what was one of the main reasons the invading Germanic tribes were so readily accepted by the people of the lands they invaded?
    They bribed everyone
    They converted to Christianity
    They sold all the Romans into slavery
    They handed out free parcels of lands

3. As the invading tribes from the north spread across Europe, new boundaries took shape, in some cases foreshadowing recognizable modern borders. Which groups settled in the area that we know today as France?
    Franks and Lombards
    Franks and Burgundians
    Burgundians and Lombards
    Bombardiers and Frankfurters

4. Many historians debate whether the invasions from the Germanic tribes into Europe in the early days of the Dark Ages were invasions at all. They see their entry into Europe more as a case of which of the following?

5. The church, which played such an enormous part in the lives of people during this period of history, began moving away from a simple form of worship to colourful spectacles and dramatics. What unique structures began to appear in the European countryside in the 6th and 7th centuries?
    Revivalist marquees
    Giant crucifixes
    Religion based markets

6. What new religion began to edge its way into the southern parts of Europe during this period?
    Seventh Day Adventism

7. The Dark Ages was a period in history when most of the great cities of Europe were built.

8. Gaul, after its Roman rulers were driven out, was loosely united by the Merovingian dynasty for almost three hundred years, but torn apart by the bitter wars of its descendant family for almost as long a period. What was the name of the dynasty which would spring from this and go on to found a mighty Frankish empire?

9. Which descendant of the Carolingian dynasty was crowned Emperor on Christmas Day, 800?
    Urban II
    Henry VIII
    Edward I

10. The revival of learning in the 9th century was beset by further barbarian raids by which peoples?
    Greeks and Italians
    English and Franks
    Vikings and Magyars
    Kievans and Chinese

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