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SUB Takes the Lead Again

Created by zorba_scank

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SUB Takes the Lead Again game quiz
"Ten more words that start with SUB. Add the word described by the first clue to SUB to get the word described by the second clue. The answer will be the longer word."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. SUB + Main = Relating to borrowers with poor credit history
    Answer: (One word, 8 letters)

2. SUB + Outlet for air = To underwrite or guarantee financial support
    Answer: (One word, 7 letters)

3. SUB + Assignment = Yielding to another
    Answer: (One word, 10 letters)

4. SUB + Agreement = To lease out part of a large job to another
    Answer: (One word, 11 letters)

5. SUB + Green = Overthrow
    Answer: (One word, 7 letters)

6. SUB + Path = Underpass
    Answer: (One word, 6 letters)

7. SUB + To look after = To underlie
    Answer: (One word, 7 letters)

8. SUB + Amount owed as debt = Bring under control
    Answer: (One word, 6 letters)

9. SUB + Tardy = Deny
    Answer: (One word, 7 letters)

10. SUB + Allow = To further lease a property
    Answer: (One word, 6 letters)

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Compiled Jun 29 12