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Run Synonyms with Missing Letters

Created by tiffanyram

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Run Synonyms with Missing Letters game quiz
"The word 'run' has many synonyms. The vowels are missing, but I will give you the consonants along with a short definition or example sentence. Enjoy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. SPD

This synonym for run could be used when you hurry things along, especially in your car.
    Answer: (One Word-5 letters)

2. FL

You would use this synonym for run if you were to run away from something.
    Answer: (One Word-4 letters)


This run synonym is often used to describe the gait of a horse.
    Answer: (One Word-6 letters)


This synonym for run could replace run in the following sentence: "If you spill the water, it will run across the table."

    Answer: (One Word-6 letters)

5. VRS

This run synonym means to run things or supervise.
    Answer: (One Word-7 letters)


If you hurry or run away, then this run synonym would be appropriate to use.
    Answer: (One Word-7 letters)

7. MNG

"I'm the boss, I run things around here." What word could I use to replace run?
    Answer: (One Word-6 letters)


Sometimes run can mean how long something lasts, as in "He had a good run in office."
    Answer: (One Word-8 letters)


If you run against someone, you could be said to _____ against them.
    Answer: (One Word-8 letters)

10. DCMP

This word means to run away or leave suddenly.
    Answer: (One Word-6 letters)

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Compiled Jun 28 12