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Boxing With Words

Created by Creedy

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Hidden Words
Boxing With Words game quiz
"The words you seek are hidden in sentences, either as homophones, fractured words or synonyms. Clues are given in the wording of each question. Read them aloud for extra help. "

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. "Ah" Yoda said, smacking his lips after a long drink of the German lager, Bock. "Sing for you now I shall. Care you not to listen, sport it is you must watch instead".

What is the disguised fractured sports word you need?
    Answer: (Six Letters beginning with B)

2. "You have a pole I see. Are you planning to go vaulting? You may need to take out insurance if so" he said.

What is the fractured insurance word you seek?
    Answer: (One word beginning with P)

3. "It's dangerous if you dive in the deep end. You could get hurt. Whom shall I rely upon then?" sobbed Mary.

By reading the above out aloud, can you find another word for *rely*?
    Answer: (6 Letters beginning with D)

4. "Jem and I are going to have our fortunes told today" remarked Sally superstitiously.

Can you find the star sign in the above sentence?

    Answer: (One word of 6 Letters)

5. "The youth in Asia today no longer honour their parents the way they did in my time" grumbled the old Chinese gentleman. "They probably think it's time I was put out of my misery".

What is the word you seek?
    Answer: (10 Letters beginning with E)

6. "Neil, you asked me to tell you who to speak to, and I told you to go and see the sky! What do you mean you don't understand?!" shouted Mervyn.

The sky? Who is Neil really supposed to see?
    Answer: (4 and 3 Letters (T,G))

7. "A dressed male often ends up in the wrong letter box" she mused. "I'm forever returning it to its owner".

What are the correct postage words you're after?
    Answer: (Two Words of 9 and 4 Letters)

8. Just go and eat the sun which is there!" ordered the mother crossly. "And stop telling the neighbours I'm gone insane!"

What plural word did the mother want her children to eat?
    Answer: (One Word of 10 Letters)

9. "Here is an egg simple of how to do your maths homework" said the teacher crisply, as she wrote a similar sum on the blackboard. "Stop clucking, Tommy, it's most annoying!"

What was the teacher writing on the blackboard?
    Answer: (7 letters beginning with E)

10. "Children, please hold your four candles in your left hand when you're using a knife in your right" Mrs Brown said to her perplexed children during dinner.

What was it that Mrs Brown wanted the children to hold correctly?
    Answer: (4 and 7 letters (F, H))

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Compiled Aug 20 12