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Here there be Dragons!

Created by reedy

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Here there be Dragons game quiz
"When you hear of dragons it is common to think of legends and mythology. Yet, dragons still exist! Enter and beware, for here there be dragons!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The Komodo dragon, the largest living species of lizard, is found in the wild solely on the Indonesian island Komodo.

2. Among the names that the natives of Komodo Island have for Komodo dragons is 'buaya darat'. How does that translate?
    Lazy monster
    Good to eat
    Land crocodile
    Baby killer

3. The Draco genus of agamid lizards live in the trees and subsist on insects, using membranes connected to their ribs to glide distances up to 60 meters! What are they more commonly known as?
    Dragon gliders
    Sailing dragons
    Jumping dragons
    Flying dragons

4. There are only three species within the Draco genus.

5. The seven identified species of bearded dragons fall within the Pogona genus.

6. Bearded dragons are only found on one continent in their natural habitat. Home to many unique species, which continent is it?
    South America

7. By what name is Physignathus cocincinus more commonly known?
    Asian water dragon
    Chinese water dragon
    Any of these
    Thai water dragon

8. Not inappropriately named, the water dragon can submerge itself for a lengthy period of time when threatened. How long?
    15 minutes
    45 minutes
    5 minutes
    25 minutes

9. Apart from the obvious feature that its name describes, what can the frill-necked dragon do that comparatively few other lizards can do?
    Breathe fire
    Run on two legs
    Birth live young
    Spray venom

10. The frill-necked dragon is native to which country, that chose it to grace the back of its 2-cent coin (until 1991)?
    South Africa

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Compiled Oct 07 12