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Stephen King Characters

Created by griffthebird

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Characters In Stephen King Novels
Stephen King Characters game quiz
"These questions are all multiple choice and told from the character's point of view. Hope you like it."

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1. My husband and I took part in an experiment which resulted in our daughter having a special power.
    Donna McGee
    Donna Trenton
    Victoria McGee
    Margaret White

2. My husband is very abusive and hates when I smoke. I once forgot that he didn't like me to smoke and after lighting a cigarette he hit me for the first time in a parking lot. I never really fought back until I realized I had much bigger worries than him.
    Rose McClendon Daniels
    Beverley Marsh Rogan
    Dolores Claiborne St. George
    Jessie Mahout Burlingame

3. My little girl got lost in the woods during a fight between my son and me. My ex-husband and my daughter were huge fans of the Red Sox.
    Trisha MacFarland
    Quilla Anderson
    Ellen McFarland
    Bobbi Anderson

4. I am a graphic artist who survived what came to be known as The Pulse.
    Larry Underwood
    Tom McCourt
    Clayton Riddell
    Dale Barbara "Barbie"

5. My dad is a lawyer. I don't see why he couldn't file a law suit for my teacher's violent actions and harsh punishment. He should find some sort of loophole. But let me tell you, I'm going to get back at the girl who got me in trouble, you watch.
    Charlie Decker
    Buddy Reperton
    Christine Hargenson
    Arnold Cunningham

6. I've got quite a life. In one book I'm at a shelter for abused women called "Daughters and Sisters" because my ear was almost torn off. In two other books I'm battling a demon called Tak. And remember, "Don't call me cookie and I won't call you cake."
    Rose Daniels
    Pamela Gertude
    Mary Jackson
    Cynthia Smith

7. I may be a kid, but I fought terrifying battles alongside a small group of people, including a writer and his girlfriend. I am also pretty smart.
    Jordan Everhart
    Danny Torrence
    Jack Sawyer
    Mark Petrie

8. I put up with my husband's abuse right up to when he broke my carnival glass that meant so much to me. After that I planted a meat fork right through the man's neck which landed me in Juniper Hill until a kind woman helped get me out.
    Beverley Marsh
    Nettie Cobb
    Jo Noonan
    Carolyn Roberts

9. I am a writer who suffered from writer's block after my wife's death and started publishing works I had written and saved beforehand.
    Paul Sheldon
    Mike Noonan
    Ben Mears
    Ralph Roberts

10. As a kid I help save a boy named Douglas, or Duddits as we all called him. I have a bad habit of chewing on toothpicks and they eventually cost me my life.

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