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The Bend is Nigh!

Created by coachpauly

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Hidden Words by Fruit & Veg
The Bend is Nigh game quiz
"Meet my fun-loving pirates whose favorite vegetable is the cucumber. Can you find 10 words contained in "cucumbers" that are also hidden away in the pirate's adventures? Good luck Me Hearties! "

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. I wonder whether umbrella-wielding pirates like cucumber juice more than their usual beverage?
    Answer: (One Word -- 3 Letters)

2. Pirate Jack Sparrow called the prison guard a "mangy cur." Eating cucumber sandwiches would heal him of his anger.
    Answer: (One Word - 4 Letters)

3. A strange sighting of a ghost pirate occurs every time a treasure hunter digs for Blackbeard's bounty. Better to hunt for cucumbers than bewitched treasure.
    Answer: (One Word - 5 Letters)

4. Pirates love to eat bacon, eggs, crumpets, tomatoes, and cucumber-flavored pancakes for breakfast or before a big Rugby game.
    Answer: (One Word - 5 Letters)

5. Pirate work can be tough on the old back. When slipping a disc, rub cucumber ointment liberally on the painful area. Pirates should make sure to knead the injured back vigorously.
    Answer: (One Word - 5 Letters)

6. Pirates like lumps of Gold (Au) and Silver (Ag) but some cucumber-loving pirates like six-sided pieces of Platinum (Pt) and Copper (Cu) best.
    Answer: (One Word - 5 Letters)

7. Pirates enjoy a good hornpipe musician while sipping cucumber cocktails and playing their favorite game of 'chase the Australian flightless bird!'
    Answer: (One Word - 3 Letters)

8. After eating every last morsel on their plates, the pirates like to dance, kicking their heels through the Foxtrot, Mamba, Polka, Tango, Ceroc, Rumba, Charleston, and the occasional Cucumber Slide.
    Answer: (One Word - 5 Letters)

9. When taking a break from pillaging, pirates frequently paint pictures of fruit bowls containing an orange, a plum, berries, bananas, and grapes.
    Answer: (One Word - 5 Letters (a hue))

10. The 'Bend is Nigh!' After a night of carousing, dancing and drinking fermented cucumber ale, pirates often sleep off their hangovers on the pavement of the chaotic urban towns they live in.
    Answer: (One Word - 4 Letters)

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Compiled Sep 14 12