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Senegal: One People, One Goal, One Faith

Created by KatieK54

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Senegal One People One Goal One Faith game quiz
"This quiz is all about the small West African nation of Senegal, whose motto is "One People, One Goal, One Faith." Best of luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Pointe des Almadies is found in Senegal and is the westernmost point on the African continent.

2. Senegal is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and five other nations. One of those nations is nearly surrounded by Senegal; which West African is an 'enclave' of Senegal?
    The Gambia

3. Africa is home to part of a "biogeographical climatic belt" that stretches from northern Senegal (at the Atlantic Ocean) across the continent to the Red Sea (in Eritrea). This is a transitional zone between the vastly different climates of the savannas of the Sudan and that of the Sahara desert. What is the name of this climatic belt that begins in northern Senegal?

The northern portion of the nation makes up the a portion of which biogeographical zone?


4. Which of the following rivers sets Senegal's northern border with Mauritania?
    Gambia River
    Faleme River
    Casamance River
    Senegal River

5. Whether it is a visit to see the Dindefelo Falls or to view the abundance of wildlife, such as hippopotami, buffalo, elands, waterbucks and lions, which national park is a both tourist destination and a vital part of Senegal's geography and biodiversity?
    Nairobi National Park
    Niokolo-Koba National Park
    Wadi el Gamal National Park
    Golden Gate Highlands National Park

6. Senegal's Lake Retba is internationally known for having an extremely high salt content and an algal infestation which turns the waters what color?

7. The nation's capital city, Dakar, is built on an iconic rocky peninsula that is home to the end of the Dakar-Niger railroad line, the Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport, and longstanding trade harbors dating back to colonialism. What is the name of this iconic peninsula?
    Le Morne Brabant
    Cap-Vert peninsula
    Ras Banas peninsula
    Bakassi peninsula

8. The western portion of Senegal is home to a vast river delta system that includes mangrove forests, several hundred islands, inlets and a national park. What is the name of this vast delta?
    Okavango Delta
    Vumbura Delta
    Miracle Delta
    Saloum Delta

9. Constructed out of bronze and standing 49 meters high, what is the name of the Senegalese statue that was intended to ring in the dawn of a new era in Africa?
    Horse Memorial
    Three Dikgosi Monument
    Alyosha monument
    African Renaissance Monument

10. The nation of Senegal is solely found on the continent and it has no land offshore.

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