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Regency Slang

Created by Waitakere

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Social History
Regency Slang game quiz
"If you who enjoy Regency novels, you'll know they had slang just as we do today. Were you to go out for the day in Regency England, you may hear a few phrases and sayings unfamiliar to modern ears. I hope you enjoy this little leap back in time."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. You are walking down the street and see a couple of young men emerging from a club. Your companion tells you they are, 'Bon Ton, don't you know, their calf-clingers are all the crack'. What is he explaining?
    They are high society gents, wearing breeches which are the height of fashion
    They are jockeys in thigh-high boots
    They are criminals in typical prison garb
    Members of the Dragoon Guards

2. You stop for coffee at Button's in Regent Street and as you sip your drink outside, you see a well-dressed woman looking with interest at the gentlemen who pass by. Your companion warns you that she is, 'An ace of spades with apartments to let.' What's he telling you?
    A landlady renting out rooms
    She is a widow looking for a rich husband
    A card player with a spare place at her table
    A baroness with a large, empty mansion

3. A little further down the road you see a crowd laughing and jeering but your friend steers you away saying they are "throwing juiceys at babes in the wood". What are they doing?
    Throwing stones at dogs
    Pelting criminals imprisoned in the stocks
    Throwing fruit at street urchins
    Shouting obscenities at orators

4. Your friend tells you he has an appointment with a man who has two barking irons to sell. What is your friend thinking of buying?
    Hunting dogs
    Animal traps
    A pair of pistols

5. As you make your way to the man's house, your friend is very much impressed by what he sees in Rotten Row. 'By Joves,' he cries, 'there's a pair of beautiful steppers, prime goers, what?' What's he admiring?
    Ladies of the night
    Thoroughbred horses

6. You meet a friend and greet him but as you part company, your escort confides, 'Poor fellow, recently became a tenant for life don't ya know. Of course, he will eat Hull cheese, so 'tis only to be expected, he's Jerry Sneak now and serve him right.' What on earth is he talking about?
    He bought an apartment house which made him poor
    The man was recently married after getting drunk and is now hen-pecked
    He signed on aboard ship and is sailing soon
    He's married into the royal family

7. Coming away from the house where the pistols were for sale, your companion explains he didn't buy them because, 'The fellow was cutting shams, pitching the gammon. He told me they were Mantons. What a farradiddle!' Why didn't he buy the guns?
    The seller was charging too much
    They were replica pistols
    They were toy pistols
    The man lied; they were not genuine Manton pistols

8. It's about noon and your friend tells you his bread basket is empty, 'Come, we'll fill our pudding houses,' he says. What's he suggesting?
    That his stomach is empty and you should find somewhere to eat
    That you go to a gambling house
    That you go to the bakery
    He has no money, he must go to the bank

9. You settle yourselves at a table in a nearby inn and your companion orders a lavish lunch. When it comes time to pay, he tells you, 'I'm a dash cucumberish, quite run off me legs, can you assist with the blunt, a touch of the rhino perhaps? Are you able to interpret what he's saying?
    He's drunk and needs a lift home
    He's late and must dash to an appointment
    He feels ill and needs the bathroom
    He's broke and wants you to lend him money

10. You meet a young lady and her 'Abigail' and greet her politely. She blushes charmingly. 'Diamond of the first water but just out you know,' your friend says. What's he telling you?
    A first class thief just out of jail
    A woman who has just married
    An actress just out of the theatre
    She's very beautiful and has just been presented at court

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