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Snits, Tiffs and Other Squabbles

Created by funnytrivianna

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Snits Tiffs and Other Squabbles game quiz
"Wars don't always last for many years. This is a historical account of ten of the shortest wars since 1800."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which forty-two day long confrontation between Argentina and the United Kingdom took place in 1982?
    Sandwich War
    Silver War
    South Georgia War
    Falklands War

2. The year was 1920 and the fighting lasted for short thirty-seven days. Which two countries were involved in the dispute over Vilnius?
    Canada and the United States of America
    Austria and Germany
    Poland and Lithuania
    France and Great Britain

3. In 1913, which of these countries was NOT involved in the Second Balkan War?

4. In 1897 the Ottoman Empire fought a thirty day tiff against Greece. What has this war been named?
    The Cretan War
    Turkey-Greece War
    Battle of Heraklion
    Greco-Turkish War

5. In 1979 China and Vietnam had a twenty-seven day squabble known as the Sino-Vietnamese War. Who was the victor?
    Both sides claimed victory
    Neither side claimed victory

6. The bickering over the border resulted in a fight between the Democratic Republic of Georgia and the Democratic Republic of Armenia in 1918. Who brokered a ceasefire which was signed by both sides?

7. Which two Kingdoms fought a fourteen day snit in 1885?
    Serbia and Canada
    Turkey and Australia
    Egypt and Poland
    Serbia and Bulgaria

8. In the wake of which war did Bangladesh become an independent state?
    Indo-Pakistani War
    India Liberation War
    Bangladesh Freedom Battle
    The War of Guesses

9. The Six Day War took place in 1967 following threats by Israel against Syria. Which country did NOT join forces with Syria?

10. Zanzibar was victorious in the Anglo-Zanzibar War of 1896.

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