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English Football For the American Eye

Created by adam36

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English Football For the American Eye game quiz
"More Americans might appreciate the "beautiful game" if they could get past the odd jargon and acronyms. So this quiz tries to offer some insights to help ease Americans into the great game of English football."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. I was listening to a match between Spurs and the Gunners (what cowboys have to do with English football I have no clue) but the announcer kept talking about the "pitch". "Pitch"? Is this baseball? What is the "pitch" in English football?
    commercial announcements during the game
    the field a game is played on
    throwing the ball in from out of bounds
    what the losing side does to their beer

2. I am going to my first English soccer match in some place called Sheffield. My good friend calls me up and says he will meet me at Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday. Where do I go? What has "Wednesday" to do with Saturday?
    He meant Sheffield United
    English homage to Abbott & Costello's "Who's on First"
    Sheffield Wednesday is the name of a real football team
    In Sheffield everyday is called Wednesday

3. One of my friends is very upset as his team was relegated. Now he is crying and telling me he has nothing to live for. Relegated, smelagrated what is the big deal? To be relegated means what?
    His team has gone bankrupt
    His team has lost its liquor license
    His team was sold to some Americans from Tampa
    His team was demoted to a lower division

4. Now I am really confused. The paper says there are no league games today but my team is playing anyway. I ask someone in a pub what the game is and he says that my team just advanced to Round 4 of the FA Cup. What is this FA Cup?
    An all-star game for the best players
    You were really watching rugby
    An annual tournament played between English and Welsh football teams
    "FA" stands for "Female Athletes" you were watching the women's auxiliary play

5. I turn on my television and see that England is playing a "friendly" with Germany. Huh, I know I was a poor student but since when are England and Germany friendly? OK, what is a "friendly" really?
    An international match which is not a World Cup or Euro qualifier
    A loser must leave Europe match between the English and German league champions
    A euphemism for "let's get ready to rumble"
    Compared to how they feel about France, England and Germany are friendly

6. My friend is jumping around like an idiot shouting that his team just won the Champions League. Not wanting to look well "American" I start shouting also but now want to ask "what is the Champions League"?
    His team was voted the best in Europe by sportswriters
    Another name for the World Cup
    The top league in England
    An annual tournament of top teams from the European professional leagues

7. I was watching a game between Manchester United and Chelsea. Manchester won, of course, but all the announcers could talk about were the WAGs. What is a "WAG"?
    It is a local charity called "We Are Givers"
    It means a team is like a dog's tail has played poorly
    A pub in Manchester
    Wags stands for "Wives and Girlfriends"

8. I am meeting a friend to go to a football match and he says to meet him at the Stadium of Light? Don't all stadiums have lights? Where is the "Stadium of Light"?

9. My favorite player just got thrown out of the game after a referee showed him a red card? My friend is screaming that he only should have gotten a yellow card. What is a "red card" in soccer?
    a major penalty resulting in an ejection from the game
    too many players on the pitch
    a random act by the official
    it means your team was offsides

10. I keep hearing about an organization called FIFA. What is this "FIFA"?
    The governing body for world football
    A criminal group similar to the US Mafia
    Friends Interested in Fighting Arsenal
    The nickname for the Italian football league

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Compiled Mar 29 13