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American Kids' Games And Toys in the 1960's

Created by logcrawler

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American Kids Games And Toys in the 1960s game quiz
"Did you play any of these as a kid? What about your older siblings? Were you born after the 1960's? Then maybe you played some of them later... "

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What's this? A controversial toy that dates from 1952 and originally cost only 98 cents? What was the controversy that plagued Mr. Potato Head, until the problem was later resolved?
    both the color of the potato and the name
    eyeglasses for the figure
    wasteful practices and economic concerns
    legal problems with a real man named Mr. Potato Head

2. Sorry!
A board game offered by Parker Brothers was based on the same concept of a much older game. What was the name of the original game, that most likely traces its roots back to ancient India?
    Chinese Checkers

3. Why did the production of the popular toy known as Clackers abruptly cease?
    as a fad, most toys of that nature end production quickly
    the owner of the company went bankrupt
    the flying disc, Frisbee took over the market interest
    they were both noisy and dangerous

4. Instant Insanity was a puzzle type of game.

5. "Matchbox" cars were originally made by which of the following toy manufacturers?
    Universal Toys
    Tyco Toys

6. From what language do "Tonka" trucks and construction-type equipment derive their name?
    T˘hoku-namari (A Japanese dialect)
    Tula (a Russian city)
    Tunisian (African in origin)
    Sioux (a native American Indian tribe)

7. The Ideal Toy Company produced the Mouse Trap Game in 1963.
What was the general premise of the game?
    to capture hundreds of small grey mice in a bucket
    to build and operate an elaborate contraption that caught a mouse
    to construct wooden mice, then "feed" them to wooden cats
    to educate children about the diseases mice can carry

8. What "action figure" made by Hasbro was deliberately called by that name in an effort to avoid having little boys feeling like they were playing with dolls?
    Stretch Armstrong
    G.I. Joe

9. Most kids growing up in the 1960's were at least vaguely acquainted with "The Game of Life", a 1960 board game that was published by the Milton Bradley Company.
Do you have any idea what the game's original name was, when it was FIRST marketed a hundred years earlier, in 1860?
    Scramble Through Life
    A Day In The Life
    Life And Times Of Famous Millionaires
    The Checkered Game Of Life

10. Okay. Let's try some GAME word associations -

I say, "Duncan".

You respond with...
    Bowling Ball
    Sewing Machine

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