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European Sports

Created by bj@flamingmoose

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European Sports game quiz
"Mixed bag of general sports knowledge from a European perspective. Enjoy!"

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1. In 1978 Mario Andretti became the Formula 1 champion of the world in the Italian Grand Prix. In that same race, his teammate died in a crash. Who was he?
    Ronnie Petterson
    Tom Price
    Jochen Rindt
    Patrick Depailler

2. In 1989 American Greg Lemond won the Tour de France by 8 seconds, by far the smallest margin ever. Who did he beat in the final time trial?
    Laurent Fignon
    Jean Francois Bernard
    Pascal Simon
    Charlie Mottet

3. From 1971 to 1976 only two teams won the European Cup, predecessor of the Champions League. Both won it three times. Which teams?
    Ajax and Liverpool
    Ajax and Bayern
    Liverpool and Bayern
    Ajax and Juventus

4. For many years during the 1990s these two countries have battled each other for the European Baseball championship. Which 2 countries?
    Italy and Germany
    Italy and France
    France and The Netherlands
    Italy and The Netherlands

5. Which of these German cities does not have a team in the NFL Europe League (that's American Football in Europe folks!)?

6. The final of the 1976 European football championships between Germany and Czechoslovakia had to be decided by a penalty shootout. Who scored the deciding penalty?
    Answer: (One Word, last name only)

7. Who was the last European to win the French Open tennis championships in the 1990s?
    Sergi Brugera
    Thomas Muster
    Yevgeni Kafelnikov
    Carlos Moya

8. In which discipline did Great Britain win most of their medals at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney?
    Track and Field

9. London hosted the Summer Olympics in 1908 and 1948. Which other European city was home to the Summer Olympics twice other than Athens and London?
    Answer: (One Word)

10. Europe's favorite sport, football: due to the war, Yugoslavia was unable to participate in the 1992 European championships. They were replaced by the eventual winners. Who?
    The Netherlands
    Czech Republic

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