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Amadeus - The Maestro

Created by TemplarLLM

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Mozart
Amadeus  The Maestro game quiz
"Many people dismiss Mozart as being a shallow composer, but this, in large part, falls on the fact that many only hear the more simple compositions that play nicely in elevators. Mozart, however, to me, was perhaps the most ingenious composer ever."

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1. Frequently misstated, what was the younger Mozart's full name?
    Wolfgang Amadeus Johannes Mozart
    Johannes Chrysostomos Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart
    Amadeus Wolfgang Johannes Mozart
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

2. Which of the following monarchs did Mozart NOT perform for during his tours as a child, between 1762 and 1766?
    Maximillian III Joseph, Elector of Bavaria
    Catherine II (Catherine the Great)
    Queen Maria Leszczynska and Louis XV
    King George III and Queen Charlotte

3. What did the Pope give Mozart during a visit to Rome at the age of 14?
    A golden signet ring
    A personal tour of the Vatican
    A piece of the true cross
    A knighthood

4. Between 1761 and 1791, how many musical compositions is Mozart known to have composed?
    Under 130
    Over 230

5. Who was it that said the following to Mozart's father: 'Mozart is the greatest composer known to me in person or by name; he has taste and, what is more, the greatest knowledge of composition'?
    Answer: (First and last name or just last name - Think Quartet)

6. Whom did Mozart compete against in a pianoforte contest before Emperor Joseph II in 1781?
    Muzio Clementi
    Joseph Haydn
    Antonio Salieri
    Ludwig Van Beethoven

7. Which of Mozart's operas achieved the most success during his lifetime?
    Don Giovanni
    Le Nozze Di Figaro
    Cosi Fan Tutte
    Die Zauberflote

8. Ok, one question in here to throw you out of whack a little bit. So far, everything here has been biographical information, so let's really pull a sly one. Which of the following movies did NOT feature a Mozart composition?
    Trading Places
    Bonfire of the Vanities
    French Lieutenant's Woman

9. Where and when did Mozart die?
    Salzburg, December 12, 1791
    Vienna, December 5, 1791
    Vienna, December 20, 1791
    Salsburg, December 15, 1791

10. Mozart was buried in an unmarked grave in Vienna. Why was he buried in such a fashion?
    Prevailing local custom
    To protect his grave from trinket seeking admirers
    Severe Poverty
    It was a mistake

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