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Bands That Only Exist In Movies!

Created by enfranklopedia

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Bands That Only Exist In Movies game quiz
"See how well you know these bands that have been fictionalized and featured in the movies."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What's the name of the band formed by Chazz (Brendan Fraser), Rex (Steve Buscemi), and Pip (Adam Sandler) in 1994's 'Airheads'?
    The Silver Bullets
    The Lone Rangers
    The Lone Riders
    Those Masked Men

2. At the beginning of 1985's 'Back To the Future,' we see Marty McFly's band auditioning for a gig at their high school. What is this band's name?
    The Lunkheads
    The Knuckleheads
    The Pinheads
    The Chowderheads

3. And while we're on the subject of Michael J. Fox, in 1987's 'Light Of Day,' Fox portrays a young man in a band with his sister (Joan Jett). What is this band called?
    The Barbusters
    The Barbangers
    The Barnstormers
    The Barflies

4. Michael J. Fox isn't the only 'Family Ties' cast member to star in a movie about a band -- Justine Bateman starred as the leader of an all-female band in 1988's 'Satisfaction.' What was this band's name?

5. In 1989's 'The Big Picture,' aspiring film director Nick Chapman (Kevin Bacon) directs a bizarre but inventive video featuring a band led by his friend Lydia (Jennifer Jason Leigh). What is this band called?
    Green M and M's
    The Pop Tarts
    Pez People
    Almond Crunch

6. In 1984's 'Streets of Fire,' Diane Lane plays Ellen Aim, a rock and roll superstar. What's the name of the band that ably backs her (dubbed-in) power vocals?
    The Assailants
    The Aggressors
    The Offenders
    The Attackers

7. In 1995's 'Empire Records,' slightly-addled music store clerk Mark (Ethan Embry) expresses a desire to start a band. What name does he think this band will have?
    Answer: (One Word -- rhymes with his name!)

8. At one point in 1996's 'That Thing You Do!', the fictional band known as The Wonders lands a cameo in a beach movie, playing dead instruments and wearing sailor suits. Finish the name of the band they portray: 'Cap'n Geech and the _____________.'
    Crab Leg Crackers
    Shrimp Shack Shooters
    Clam Shell Swingers
    Oyster Bar Crooners

9. In 1980's 'The Blues Brothers,' Jake and Elwood Blues set out to track down every member of their former band. They find several of these men all at once, performing in a rather cheesy, velvet-clad band led by real-life blues keyboardist Murphy Dunne. Finish the name of the band they have formed in Jake and Elwood's absence: 'Murph and the __________.'
    Answer: (One or Two Words)

10. At the end of 2000's 'High Fidelity,' Rob Gordon (John Cusack) reluctantly introduces Sonic Death Monkey, a band led by his obnoxious employee Barry (Jack Black). Barry quickly points out that the band no longer goes by that name. Their new name is unprintable in this medium, but Barry mentions that the band members briefly considered an interim band name that invoked the name of a famous actress. In which of the following movies would you find this actress?
    'Thelma and Louise'
    'Some Like It Hot'
    'Body Heat'
    'Basic Instinct'

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