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James Barrie And Peter Pan

Created by LindaC007

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James Barrie And Peter Pan game quiz
"This quiz is on the life of Sir James Barrie. There are a few questions on his most famous character, Peter Pan."

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1. What do James Barrie and Kenneth Grahame, the author of 'The Wind in the Willows', have in common?
    Barrie and Grahame were both knighted
    They illustrated their books themselves
    Both men were born in Scotland
    Both were newspaper men

2. When was James Barrie born?
    Mar. 19, 1867
    June 4, 1871
    Sept. 11, 1856
    May 9, 1860

3. True or false? Barrie was an only child?

4. What tragedy had a great influence on Barrie's childhood?
    His mother abandoning him
    The death of his brother
    The death of his grandfather
    His abusive, alcoholic father

5. Which statement best describes Barrie?
    He was a small, slightly built man with a thin, high-pitched voice.
    He was a handsome, well built ladies' man.
    He was very heavy and possessed a loud, jolly laugh.
    He was very tall and emaciated in appearance.

6. Barrie graduated from which university?
    Edinburgh University
    St. Andrews

7. What did Barrie do for a living before he became a successful playwright?
    Worked as his brother's secretary
    Taught literature at St. Andrews
    Wrote lead articles for newspapers
    Worked in the family's weaving business

8. What was his wife's occupation before their marriage?
    Opera singer
    Barrie's secretary

9. True or false. His marriage to Mary lasted until his death?

10. What novel first introduced the character Peter Pan?
    Peter Pan In Kensington Gardens
    Peter And Wendy
    Return To Neverland
    The Little White Bird

11. Barrie based the Darling's nursemaid Nana on which of the following?
    His old nanny, 'Nana'
    His dog
    His wife, Mary
    His mother, Margaret

12. What was the opening date of the play 'Peter Pan'?
    Dec. 1, 1911
    Dec. 15, 1902
    Dec. 27, 1904
    Dec. 24, 1906

13. Was the character Peter Pan modelled on an actual child or children?

14. When was the first full-scale musical verison of 'Peter Pan' brought to Broadway?

15. Just before Barrie's death in 1937, where did he will the proceeds of his copyrights on Peter Pan?
    Brother's grandchildren
    National Trust
    Edinburgh University
    Great Ormond Street Hospital for sick children

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