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NASCAR Driver Quotes

Created by RaceGirl24

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NASCAR Driver Quotes game quiz
"See if you can match these quotes to the drivers."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which driver said 'An edge used to last for two or three races. Now it can come and go during a race. From top to bottom, everyone works harder and runs faster closer than they ever have before.'?
    Richard Petty
    Jeff Gordon
    Darrel Waltrip
    Dale Earnhardt

2. Which driver said: 'Winning is reaching the top of the mountain. And winning one of the majors is standing on top of the world.'?
    Davey Allison
    Richard Petty
    Carl Yarborough
    Ward Burton

3. Which driver said, 'I never expected NASCAR to be as big as it is. But, the fans, the drivers, and the sport got on a roll and took it off.'?
    Jeff Gordon
    Rusty Wallace
    Mark Martin
    Richard Petty

4. Which driver said, 'Teamwork is everything. It takes all of us working together. We win and lose together.'?
    Ted Musgrave
    Ricky Rudd
    Jeff Gordon
    Bill Elliot

5. Which driver said, 'Dale Earnhardt is the consummate professional athlete. He is dedicated, focused, smart, and in excellent physical condition. And he's a determined competitor who refuses to lose ... and absolutely refuses to give up. Dale is the yardstick. He's been the best for a long time.'?
    Dave Marcis
    Jeff Gordon
    Darrell Waltrip
    Jeff Burton

6. After winning a Daytona 500 race, which driver said, 'That was wild ... absolutely wild!'?
    Robert Pressley
    Dave Pearson
    Jimmy Spencer
    Geoff Bodine

7. Which driver said: 'It might not be a contact sport, but it's a stand-up-for-what's-right sport. You can't be affraid to mix it up. You don't move to the front by backing down.'?
    Tony Stewart
    Cale Yarborough
    Jimmy Spencer
    Terry Labonte

8. Which driver said, 'I'll tell you how I feel when my head comes back down from the clouds' after winning the 1992 championship?
    Ricky Craven
    Michael Waltrip
    Benny Parsons
    Alan Kulwicki

9. Which driver said, 'When you hear the name 'Earnhardt', you know you're talking about the hardest driving, never-say-die competitor there is. He's one of the best drivers at taking a car driving it past its limits, no matter how good or how bad it might be on any given day. That's what makes him 'the Intimidator.'?
    Jeff Gordon
    Ted Musgrave
    Mike Skinner
    Bobby Allison

10. Which driver said,'I feel totally relaxed in the race car. I can tune everything else out. In a way, it's my retreat. It's probally the place where I am most at home.'?
    Dale Earnhardt
    Ernie Irvan
    Kenny Irwin
    Mark Martin

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